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I remember dutifully going with my mom to a Huey Lewis casino concert. She loaded us kids up in the mini van alongside my cousin and his friend.

They wanted to come. Actually, they were big fans.

“I can’t believe our friends made fun of us for going to this concert instead of Smashing Pumpkins,” they lamented. “Billy Corgan sounds like a parrot.” I was never able to unhear it.

We’ve hit that age where we don’t recognize some of the singers on the GRAMMYs, a lot singers on the Video Music Awards. and, certainly none of the ones nominated for Teen Choice Awards.

Our favorite singers are making the casino circuits now. We knew this day would come. Yours will come, too.

It was my cousin who prodded me to see Trisha Yearwood at the Orpheum. She was my second favorite singer behind Garth Brooks. My third, fourth, and fifth favorite singers were Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and  Jewel in that exact order. We see country music concerts together. Neither of our spouses particularly enjoy country music so, whenever we go together they are relieved.

As we waited for the concert to begin, she told me about her Richard Marx friend. They’ve been going to Richard Marx concerts together since middle school. They may not speak as often now, but they still go to Richard Marx concerts. A friendship revolving primarily around Richard Marx is so great and so funny.

I offered to be her back-up Richard Marx friend.

As an adult I need experiences that keep me in the moment; not trudging around in the past or panicking about the future.  A good book can keep me there. Succession did a hell of a job.  Live music keeps me in the present like none other.

The concert was perfect. At the end Trisha segued from “On A Bus To St. Cloud” to “Purple Rain.” Everyone sang their heart out, repeating the chorus many times.

Just as the good book says, “When two or three Minnesotans come together in my name and sing “Purple Rain,” there I am in the midst. 

You should see your favorite childhood singers before they are gone.

For a pre-concert/theater (or not) meal, 112 Eatery is one of my favorite restaurants, period. It’s a lot of people’s favorite restaurant so make a reservation.

The service is polished and the ambiance is candle-lit cozy and elegant. Of course the food is delicious. You can enjoy a $22-$30 entree or  a $10-$12 burger or bacon, egg and harissa sandwich. There’s plenty in the middle as well.

The last two visits, I enjoyed the scallops with oyster mushroom dish and fried cauliflower florets with bagna cauda sauce. If you’re into beef tartare, their version is best we’ve tried. Neither of us had tried skate wing before – 112’s was clean tasting and delicately flaky like crab.

Other special touches grace diners– like bread and butter, olives, and spiced nuts waiting on your table upon arrival. And little chocolate truffles delivered with your bill.

Find yourself a Trisha Yearwood or Richard Marx friend and go to Eatery 112.


  1. Michelle

    I had the chance to see one of my childhood faves (Van Halen) a few years ago. We had nosebleed seats but didn’t care. Eddie’s guitar solo was worth the ticket price alone.

    • Jeni

      How fun! So glad you could see them.

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