There’s Nothing Special About The Veggie Delite®

There’s nothing special, per se, about Subway’s Veggie Delite®. This is what actually makes it kind of special.

Earlier this year I read an article stating Subway closed more than 1,000 stores last year. This could due to the fact that there are so many damn Subways.

Even so, one of the things I like about the Veggie Delite® is that I can always find it. . . for no one’s very far from a Subway.

You would assume there’s a McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or Arby’s in the Minneapolis skyway for us weary office workers, but there’s not. However, just down the hall there is a Subway.

There’s always a Subway.

One of my favorite episodes of The Office is where Michael gets lost downtown and Pam, Dwight and Holly have to find him. Holly finds him because, she, too, likes to walk by places “for the smell of it.”

Sometimes I walk by Subway for the smell of it.

Nothing on earth smells like a Subway. When you catch that indescribable whif, you know one looms near. Some find it repulsive. I often wonder if anyone’s invented a Subway sandwich shop scented candle.

Maybe it’s the familiarness that’s so endearing – the special combination of foamy Subway breads, dried herbs from the Italian Herb & Cheddar loafs, lunch meats, vegetables, zesty BBQ sauce, and cleaning supplies.

The Veggie Delite® is the only Subway sandwich that I order. It always tastes the same whether I order it in downtown Minneapolis or rural North Dakota.

When the work cafeteria’s vegetarian options  are sparse and I didn’t bring my lunch, like a good neighbor, the Veggie Delite® is there.

At the worst it’s just fine and at the best, satisfying.

The creamy mayo brings it all together. Why does mayo always taste so much better when someone else puts it on your sandwich? I think the illusion’s in the squirt bottle. And the heavier-handed the sandwich artist is with the salt and pepper, the better. If you have to add more salt and pepper later, it won’t taste the same.

Unlike McDonald’s, you can order lunch sandwiches anytime. A coffee shop muffin costs the same as a six-inch Veggie Delite®. Call it your second breakfast and order away. At nine a.m. your coworkers might stare, but desk snack judgement be damned.

It’s all in how confidently you eat it.

The Best Veggie Delite® combination:

  1. Italian Herb & Cheddar bread 
  2. American cheese
  3. Lettuce
  4. Tomato
  5. Green Pepper
  6. Cucumber
  7. Black Olives
  8. Banana Peppers
  9. Regular Mayo
  10. Salt and pepper


  1. Mike

    My Favorite Sub is the Spicy Italian with extra Pepperjack Cheese with mayo and oil and vinegar but it doesn’t compare to Clark’s Oil mix back in the 70’s!
    Clark’s controlled the Twin Cities Sub market before Subway showed up and a lot of people my age miss them very much!
    I will share this with my fb group east metro foodies.
    Keep Bloggin,

    • Jeni

      Jake’s fav is the Spicy Italian, too. Wish we could have tried Clark’s! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Kim

    I respect your Veggie Delite combo, but allow me to offer my perfect topping mix: 1. Honey wheat OR Italian Herb & Cheddar bread (depending on what looks freshest based on what you can see from your angle at the counter)
    2. All the veggies EXCEPT [gross soggy factory-shredded] lettuce and especially no spinach. Yes to all of the hot peppers, please.
    3. Spicy (i.e. regular) mustard
    4. Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips (added by me).

    Beyond that, I 100% hear you. I do a lot of road trips for work, and I can always – ALWAYS – count on being able to find this sandwich wherever I happen to be.

    • Jeni

      I love sun chips! Thanks for leaving your favorite combination so we can try it. That lettuce is a. . .mood.

      • Kim

        I forgot to add the cheese! Pepperjack, always.

  3. Joe Flaa

    Thats my favorite too! And I get all the same veggie’s you do – salt and pepper a must.

  4. TracieLee

    I will 100% try your favorite Veggie Delite combo.

    Because I want to share, here is my favorite:
    Egg white
    American cheese
    Spicy mustard
    Banana peppers

  5. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

    I have to admit, I’ve never had a Veggie Delight but my father-in-law likes them with either Honey Mustard or Sweet Onion sauce.

    Here is my go to sub lately:
    Multigrain Flatbread
    Steak & Pepper jack Cheese – toasted
    Green Peppers
    Banana Peppers
    Garlic Aioli

    And as for the Subway smell – I know what you mean. When I was pregnant I couldn’t stand it, but now I don’t mind it.

    • Jeni

      Thanks for sharing your sandwich! I love all of the ideas. Was wondering the other day how the garlic aoli is.

  6. Kelly Ratcliff

    That’s a solid veggie sub right there! We bring our own Peanut Thai Dressing and it takes the veggie sub to the next level

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