Why I Broke Up With Allure & A Few Beauty Box Thoughts

I’m not sure why it was so hard to do it, but I cancelled one of my subscription boxes.

Three months of Allure was enough Allure.

Between Allure’s $15 monthly beauty box and Sephora’s $10, I liked Sephora’s better.

Allure’s box provides larger sample sizes but they contained less high-end brands. Sephora’s samples are usually teeny tiny but premium. Allure’s are a mixed bag. You could get a Natasha Denona eyeshadow or a John Freida sample.

With Sephora’s box, you know there are a lot of variations. Worst case scenario, you get a boring bag.

A lot of my Sephora bags have been really boring. I’ve gotten a make-up remover and/or mini mascara each month. At least they’re practical. The mascaras don’t take as long to use-up and seem more hygienic. They’re also perfect for traveling.

There’s always one thing that I really don’t want in my Sephora bag. This month, it’s a mascara base. I have no patience for a multi-step mascara process so I’m passing this along to a friend.

Still, I find myself reaching for the Sephora products daily and even liking a product enough to buy a full-size, occasionally. For $10 a month it’s still a win.

Why I broke up with Allure:

  • Weird packaging and few safety seals. You may find that it appears products were divided awkwardly up into smaller, unbranded containers. Not that I expect luxe packaging for a $15 but sometimes it seemed kind of weird.
  • Self-tanning Products: I got three organic self-tanning towels in my May box. I have literally no interest in tanning. Many years ago I stopped caring about whether or not my panty lines are showing, if my legs nicely shaven or ghostly. Self-tanning is just not in my interests, but something that takes time away from me eating and drinking thing or catching up on Good Omens. They’re currently sitting in my fruit bowl. Seeing another self-tanning product in June’s box was a major motivation in cancelling.
  • Bait & Switch Variations: Both Allure and Sephora offer box variations in which some are shittier than others. Allure’s feel more irritating. Influencer Carli Bybel supposedly picked out the May products which Allure teased. However, customers who subscribed through Amazon received hair care samples for very specific hair concerns instead of the advertised Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Liquid Lipstick. Two of my May box items were for taming frizzy hair, which I don’t have. I’m pretty sure Carli didn’t pick out that John Freida sample. In June, I saw people receiving two tiny anti-frizz hair sheets instead of a really nice face cream.
  • Pale Lip Products: Speaking of the ABH lipstick I didn’t receive, the color was a very pale pink. Like, concealer, corpse lips pale. People with very fair complexions seemed to like it. I actually got more use out of the smelly texturizing spray that Carli most certainly didn’t pick-out than I would have from that lipstick. Whether or not the spray actually added texture to my thin, straight hair, I like to think it added hope. Seeing another pale lip product (along with a self tanner gel) in the June box also motivated me to rage quit. If it helps, July’s box includes a bright red/orange lipstick.

Here are some products from my few Allure boxes I actually liked. I wouldn’t purchase a full-size of these products but am happy to use. 

I forgot to include the Wander Beauty Mile High mascara. I use this often, but wouldn’t purchase a full-size. The Natasha Denona eyeshadow single was also fun to receive, but since the color is bright sparkly Halloween orange, it’s not an every day look.

Anyway, now that I’m only subscribed to one box, I’m feeling a compulsion to add back another. Boxycharm? Sicily Paris? We’ll see.


  1. katie

    I was gifted 2 cause boxes for my birthday. its spendy (I’m assuming because there is so much stuff in the box) but I like the variety that they sent. And a lot of it I feel like I could re-gift to others because it is good quality stuff.

    • Jeni

      I’ve heard they are good boxes. It’s nice when it’s nice quality items you can gift as well if they’re not your cup of tea.

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