This month’s Sephora Play! variation was more to my liking this month. It contains four practical items that I’m happy to use-up.

Below are my thoughts on the products after having the opportunity to test them over the past couple of weeks.

Make Up For Ever – Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation in R230
Approx sample value:  $6.81, Full-size: $43

Usually I’d groan at finding foundation in a subscription box – at first, I did. This sample is actually an OK color match. The product claims to have buildable coverage, a natural finish and invisible feel.

I like this foundation, but don’t love it enough to buy a full-size. While the product feels light and appears natura, it doesn’t cover the redness in my face as much as I’d like. Still, I’ll use up the sample.

Dr. Jart + – Cicapair Tiger Gras Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30
Approx sample value: $5.20, Full-size: $52

Now, this is a strange feeling product. This product claims to cover redness and offer sun protection. Once you rub it into your skin, the green cast disappears. It’s just that it has the texture of my Sensodyne toothpaste. The redness in my cheeks doesn’t disappear enough for me to consider paying $52 for the full-size. The first day I tried this, I spent a couple of hours outside and got slight sunburn on my cheeks. Yesterday, I noticed a couple small red bumps on my face. Whether or not these are 100% correlated, I’m not sure, but I don’t love my skin after wearing this.

In reading reviews and Reddit threads, many claim it works well for them. I even read a couple of reviews in which the person claimed it worked so well they didn’t feel the need to wear foundation. This is most certainly not the case for me.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen Borad Spectrum SPF 40
Approx sample value: $6.40, Full-size: $32

This is another practical item I will definitely use. Back in my young adulthood I wish we were as knowledgable about skincare. Now that mine’s drier and aging, I welcome any sunscreen samples.

This one is a thick, clear gel with a very slippery feel. “It’s sooo dimethicone” I can just hear the Youtubers whine. It is though. The second ingredient is Dimethicone crosspolymer which explains the texture.

Whether or not dimethicone is good for your skin seems to be up for debate. I don’t fully understand it, but don’t react to it.

The texture and color is so clear and light that I have no idea how much I’m applying to my face. It’s difficult to tell how far one blob goes.

Sephora –  Lashcraft Big Volume Mascara
Approx sample value: $5.72, Full-size: $14

This mascara claims to focus on volume. Supposedly the inclusion of jojoba oil prevents flaking, smudging and clumping. I’m still working on two other mascaras from recent subscription boxes or department store samples, so I did not open this. Mascara is a tough one for me because so many irritate my eyes. Since I know they’re a popular box inclusion, I’m leaning towards giving this to a friend.

Amika – Perk Up Dry Shampoo
Approx sample value: $3.54, Full-size: $25

This dry shampoo is $25 and I hate that I like it. I’m trying to wash my hair less and dry shampoo more. I swear someday we’re going to see those class action ads on television involving lungs and dry shampoo. The dry shampoos I’ve tried range from cheap to more expensive. Some come in aerosol cans and others in bottles you have to sprinkle (these never work well for me). The Batiste brunette dry shampoo makes my hair look greasier. Others leave a white cast on my roots that make me look like an Asian Golden Girl. This one adds volume, doesn’t leave a white cast, and smells very pleasant.

Bonus: Maison Margiela: “Replicla” By the Fireplace, Eau de Toilette spray
Full-size: $126

I love the idea of capturing a familiar scent and moment. This is just not the interpretation for me. The first thing I noticed is that the vial is half-full.

Someone who enjoys sweet scents might enjoy this. Think toasted marshmallow with a hint of smoke. To me, it smelled too sugary. I passed this on to my coworker who enjoys scents – she also did not care for this one but thought her sister might.

Final Thoughts:
This is a practical box worth $10. The only item I’d purchase a full-size is the Amika dry shampoo. I hate that I love this product so much because it costs $25. Ulta always offers coupons so I may purchase it there.

Products I wore in the photo below: Dr. Jart Tiger Grass cream beneath Make Up Forever foundation with the Amika dry shampoo applied to day-three hair.

I typically apply a glowy moisturizer underneath my foundation topped with some highlight buffed in with a fluffy brush, hence the glow.