You’ll Have To Leave Cedar Point For This Pizza: Brick Oven Bistro

Eight months later and I still think about that pizza I ate at The Brick Oven Bistro in Sandusky, OH.

Last September, I drove to Ohio to join a few North Iowa Blogger friends at BloggyCon held at Cedar Point Amusement Park. With Cedar Point’s season opening quickly approaching next week, I encourage you to venture into town and enjoy a meal at The Brick Oven Bistro.

The one dinner I ate in Cedar Point was composed of a side of french fries and goopy cheese sauce. I had taken one look at the pallid, $15 burger combos being served around me and just couldn’t do it. Park food is certainly convenient, especially when you’re hungry and tired. But it’s also expensive since attendees are a captive audience. My recommendation is to budget for park snacks and beverages and head into Sandusky for dinner.

Sara (Travel With Sara), who had visited Cedar Point before, led us to Brick Oven Bistro for dinner. It’s only a ten minute drive from the park. I know it’s kind of pain to leave the park grounds, but your dinner will be so worth it. If you purchase a cocktail, your meal will cost more than a park combo, but it’ll taste so much better and you can stash any leftovers in your mini fridge.

Another thing that I think about from time to time is the cocktail that Donna ordered. Donna’s cocktail randomly popped into my head this week after ordering a string of terrible signature cocktails. I tried to think back on really delicious signature cocktails I’d enjoyed and this one came to mind. I don’t remember what she ordered, but it was pink and fruity and refreshing. Oftentimes I find fruity cocktails taste too sweet and artificial. This was surprisingly balanced. It did take a little while to arrive. Our server explained how the bartender (and, if I remember correctly, owner) who created the drinks is a perfectionist who takes his time to make sure they meet his standards.

The bruschetta with garlic and fresh mozzarella was thoughtfully composed and well worth the $6.

File_002 (12)

And then there were the pizzas. Personal size pizzas with three toppings run $10 and come with one’s can choice of a regular or whole wheat crust and six different sauce bases.  In my case, the chef accidentally created a hybrid between the three toppings I ordered, resulting in a variation of the eggplant special pizza. This turned out to be a happy mistake.

The creamy garlic sauce tasted appropriately punchy, the hand-breaded eggplant was super crispy, and the reduced balsamic drizzle cut through the cheese’s richness. I liked the irregularly shaped, crispy crust. Donna ordered the gluten-free crust and I was surprised when it looked about the same as everyone else’s.


I’ve eaten a lot of OK pizzas. Brick Oven’s is fantastic. This humble building houses some really elegant food, but you’ll need to leave the park to get it. Do it.

Yup. Still one of my favorite meals from the past few years.

The Brick Oven Bistro
1012 Cleveland Road W
Sandusky, OH 44870


  1. Feisty Eats

    That bruschetta looks amazing! I love fresh mozz!

  2. Katie

    MMMM, carbs, whats not to love?

  3. Beth Ann Chiles

    It really was a great meal, wasn’ t it? And the company was fabulous. Definitely need to leave the park to get some great food.

  4. Kelli @ The Sustainable Couple

    I love a good pizza. It’s a rare treat for us 🙂

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