Road Trip Detour To Oy Vey Bakery & Deli in Terre Haute, Indiana

I first learned about Oy Vey Bakery & Deli after Googling dining options in Terre Haute, IN & finding this random guide published years ago. These dining cliffnotes of sorts are written by a professor at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech, seemingly intended for those who moved to Terre Haute from larger cities. Dr. Thom mentions Oy Vey’s homemade bagels and kosher deli meats, adding it’s a popular brunch pick for students.

Oy Vey is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood about 10-15 minutes from the I-70 exit. If you are in a hurry, you could find faster food more conveniently located near the freeway, but if you are looking for a break from the road, it’s worth considering.

The woman who warmly welcomed me also took my order and prepared my meal. I’m guessing she was the owner. We chatted a little bit and I told her about my road trip to Ohio. She offered me a glass of water and the internet password while I waited in the dining room with while friendly college students lunched.

On this day, lox was not available, so I ordered a falafel sandwich instead. Per usual, I ordered it dressed with the works. I was anxious to return to the road and join my friends at Cedar Point. Therefore, I’m not sure why I thought a falafel sandwich would be easy to eat in the car. It just sounded so good.

After a short wait, the owner handed me my order. I could tell right away that the sandwich was huge. There was no way I could eat this on the road; it was almost as long as my forearm!


The pita bread was lined  with crunchy halves of falafal balls, and loaded with veggies and sauces. The bread itself was spread with a thick sauce similar in texture to chili or bean dip. It even tasted a little bit southwestern, too.

This sandwich tasted different from the typical falafel sandwiches dressed with tzatziki, but I still enjoyed it. It provided more than enough sustenance to get me to Ohio. And like I mentioned, the owner went out of her way to make this solo traveler feel welcome here.

Oy Vey Bakery & Deli
2170 N 13th St.
Terre Haute, IN 
Closed Friday evenings & Saturdays


  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    I have never had a falafal sandwich or actually ever seen one on any menu I have seen. I am not sure what to expect. Is it kind of like a gyro? With the usual tzatziki sauce it makes me think of that but this one is totally different with a bean type spread. Hmm. I would definitely try it now that I have read about it. Thanks for sharing your road trip food.

  2. Katy F.

    I’ve never had a flafal either, but it’s intriuging to me! I just love the name of the Bakery, Oy Veh!

  3. josh

    That sand looks and sounds amazing! Good falafal sands are hard to find!

  4. Christine

    The only reason I didn’t order falafal for the 2 years I worked in an office building that had what everyone swore was the best version is because I didn’t know how to pronounce it! I’m kicking myself now, because I tried it a few years ago and love it. Of course, I don’t come by it often any longer, but your post is sending me on a mission.

    • Jeni

      That’s too funny! They are so delicious. Never tried making them at home before.

  5. Feisty Eats

    I really want that falafel sandwich. Looks great!

  6. Doc Long

    We eat at Oy Vey about once a week. Had a cold not long ago and had the chicken soup. Warmed me up and was much better then the meds I was taking. Love Oy Vey!

    • Jeni

      That sounds wonderful! Next time I will look for the soup:)

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