Chasing Kolaches In St. Louis

This is the kolache that started our obsession. Last week, Jake’s coworker brought in a box of kolaches from St. Louis Kolache to share. Jake was so excited about this Philly Cheesesteak kolache that he texted me a photo.

It really started here, though:

Earlier this winter, Jake’s friend stayed with us. I have no idea how we arrived at the topic of kolaches, but somehow we did. His friend spent most of his life in Texas and spoke about these pastries with so much enthusiasm that we found ourselves pumped-up about kolaches even though we’d never eaten them before. “They’re just so delicious!” he exclaimed. “You can find ones stuffed with foods like hot dogs and eggs. . . ” he continued.

We’ve never lived anywhere that we remember seeing kolache shops. In St. Louis, we’ve seen two. There’s the Kolache Factory in Brentwood whose national headquarters is located in Texas & the newly-opened St. Louis Kolache in Creve Coeur. Finally we tried them for ourselves.

Both shops sell kolaches in many flavors. The sweet pastries are shaped like round, puffy discs with indents in the centers that hold the fillings while the savory kolaches look like miniature hot pockets. You’ll find them stuffed with anything from scrambled eggs to spinach and artichoke dip.  Each kolache costs between $2-3 and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.

The pastry dough is soft in texture and slightly sweet and rich in flavor. Almost all of the kolaches we chose contained savory fillings. The savory fillings paired well the sweet dough. We did like the one sweet kolache we tried from St. Louis Kolache filled with a chocolate and banana.

One of my favorite flavors was this chorizo and scrambled egg filled pocket also from St. Louis Kolache.

File_000 (67)

I loved how the biscuits and gravy filling at St. Louis Kolache was especially gooey. Honestly, we enjoyed all of the flavors we tried from both bakeries, though we had our favorites. This box is a sampling from Kolache Factory.

kolache names watermarked

One of our favorite from Kolache Factory was the jalapeno popper that cost $2. It was stuffed with a pleasantly spicy bacon, cream cheese and jalapeno pepper filling.

The St. Louis Slinger is a local food I haven’t tried yet. Both stores offer their own version stuffed with hash browns, eggs and chili. We weren’t able to try them both so we can’t compare. I felt the Kolache Factory’s just needed a hint of salt but was otherwise tasty.

kolache halves watermarked

Both bakeries appear to offer seasonal flavors and varying flavors. When you can literally put any food under the sun inside a pillowy roll, there’s really not much to dislike.

St. Louis Kolache
1300 N. Lindbergh Road
Creve Coeur, MO 63132

Kolache Factory
2604 S. Brentwood Boulevard
Brentwood, MO 63144


  1. Feisty Eats

    Those look like a food group I could really appreciate. Anything wrapped in dough is usually a good idea it seems!

  2. Beth Ann Chiles

    Little bundles of joy. They all look amazing. Now I am on a search for some around here. Thanks for the yummy pictures.

  3. Christine

    If I were in my teens I think my entire diet would be made up of kolaches. Honestly.

    • Jeni

      Same here. I would love to eat one every day for breakfast.

  4. Katie

    Those look amazing! Now I need to find them in the twin cities!

    • Jeni

      I tried to google it. . . looks like Kramarczuk’s has them, but I can’t tell if they are similar in shape and if they have savory ones too.

  5. Donna Hup

    These look awesome! I think I could make gluten free versions 🙂

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