Spoonriver’s Caesar salad is my most favorite salad in the whole entire world.  
Jake and I were able to dine at Spoonriver a few weekends ago.  Despite the fact that I use to eat Caesar salads as every staff meal, I miss them so much that I order this salad every time I visit.  I also add mock duck to my salad, instead of roasted chicken.  The spongy mock duck is pleasantly chewy and flavored with ginger, garlic, honey, and tamari.  The combination just works.  I am literally addicted to Spoonriver’s creamy Caesar salad dressing that tastes of pungent garlic, salty cheese and scented with anchovy.  Jake and I competed for the croutons that had soaked up the dressing.  
Of the Caesar salads I try at other restaurants, I am disappointed regarding both dressings and the quality of salad greens.  I have also tried to make my own dressings, only to be, again, disappointed.
If I could choose my last meal, it would definitely include a giant bowl of this salad, despite my carnivorous inclinations.