Frozen Tasty Chefs Gyro Kit from Holy Land Deli

Earlier this week, we assembled a Tasty Chefs brand, frozen gyro kit bought from The Holy Land Deli located in Midtown Global Market.

Jake’s work week is looking like it will add up to less than 70 hours and I wrote a three-page literature review in under 48 hours, which I didn’t hate or agonize over.  Also, unlike my last paper, I did not complete it 45-minutes before the deadline.  I believe these occasions called for frozen gyro kit self-medication.

I recall this gyro kit cost around $8.

The guts and glory.  Frozen five-pack of pita, gyro sauce, and “cooked sliced loaf.”

Mmmm. . . cooked sliced loaf.  This makes me giggle and remember when my old roommate and I compared school lunch experiences.  My former roommate grew up in a small town in Iowa and described a regular school lunch offering called “pork shape on a bun.”  She also mentioned sides of “butter sandwiches” made with a non-butter substance.

To re-cook this “cooked-sliced loaf,” I placed the unwrapped meat in a pan, added enough water to cover the bottom, along with a splash of olive oil, fresh cracked black pepper, white pepper, and cayenne.  Then, I let the whole pan simmer on medium high until thawed.  When the meat slices were thawed, I simmered them on a lower temperature to reduce the liquid and caramelize.

I wrapped the pita in foil and heated in the oven and defrosted the cucumber sauce.

To garnish, I served the gyros with fresh green pepper, lime wedges, and thinly sliced red onion.  Ideally, I would also include romaine lettuce.

And pictured above is an assembled gyro.  For a frozen kit, the gyros tasted quite good.  Especially with the added fresh vegetables.  The cucumber sauce looked a bit grainy when de-thawed and was full of interesting thickeners and emulsifiers but tasted better than it looks.  A nice substitute would be the thick garlic sauce you can buy from St. Paul Flatbread Co. or Holy Land Deli.


  1. Troy

    This got dam Gyro is so dam amazing!!! I can’t believe how delicious ? it taste

    • rick

      I agree!

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