Beth’s on a roll with finding silly, single-use kitchen gadgets for me to test. She gave me this 60 Second Pomegranate Deseeder along with a pomegranate.


When I mentioned that I was going to test this gadget out on Twitter, the company POM suggested a method in which one deseeds the fruit in a bowl of water. I test both of these methods in my newest video review (2.5 minutes long).

JeniEats Reviews: 60 Second Pomegranate Deseeder from Jeni Flaa on Vimeo.

Kate of Flock of Broads recommended this ten second method. The steps include slicing a pomegranate half, scoring the sides, and loosening the seeds before flipping it upside down and banging on the exterior.

Concluding Thoughts:
A hybrid method could work well if one followed this process and then placed the pomegranate on the 60 Second Deseeder. The main problem with the Deseeder gadget is that it does not instruct users to loosen up the seeds. Obviously, simply scoring the halves of fruit is not effective enough for seed removal. Plus, it costs anywhere from $5-$18.

Deseeding the pomegranate in a bowl of water works very well for the most part. The seeds slide out of the shell and the white pith floats to the top of the bowl. However, the seeds are soaking wet. If you don’t dry off the seeds before packing them in the fridge, they’ll become mushy and start to decompose within a couple of days.


Do you have any tips for deseeding pomegranates?