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Little Korean Egg Rolls: Turnip Greens & Beef Mandu

Four years ago, I shared how I made Korean mandu with turnip greens on Simple, Good, And Tasty. I’m bringing it back because it’s too good to get lost in the shuffle.

Kale seems to get all of the glory. But as far as leafy greens go, I much prefer the flavor and texture of collards, beet greens, dandelion greens, and turnip greens. Raw turnip greens can sometimes feel prickly. Once you cook them down they have a silky texture and savory, earthy flavor. They’re perfect added to these fried Korean dumplings.

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Culinary School Year In Review: Best & Worst

Check out Simple, Good and Tasty for my Culinary Chronicles series wrap-up.

My final update is different than the previous ones because it’s a list. A best and worst of list, to be exact. Learn more about my favorite and least favorite aspects of my first year in community culinary school.

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Culinary School Update on Simple, Good & Tasty: Menu Planning Basics

Visit Simple, Good and Tasty for one of my last culinary school updates for the semester. This time we change gears as I share what I’ve learned from my menu planning course.

Our teacher provided us with an introduction to menu planning that included topics such as pricing strategies, truthfulness in item descriptions, and basic design principles. Then, he set us loose to create our own. 
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Culinary Chronicles Update on Simple, Good & Tasty

Spring semester is nearly over.

Stop by Simple, Good and Tasty where I provide my latest culinary school update about our morning kitchen labs, the heart of our program. Plus, I share a recipe for a North Dakota favorite, knoephla soup.

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Farm To Fork, A CSA Series: How To Cook A Pumpkin And More

Join me for my second to last installment of the Farm To Fork, A CSA Series on Simple, Good, & Tasty where I learn how to cook my first pumpkin.  I added the cooked pumpkin to the mini cheesecakes my mom used to make.

In case you have been wondering where all of my posts about home cooking adventures have gone, I have been saving them for this CSA series and you can read about them here.

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