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A Croquette & An Arancini Have A Gluten-Free Love Child

Join me at where I daydream about ramps and make Everything But The Kitchen Sink Cheese-Stuffed Millet Patties.

Imagine if a croquette and an arancini had a gluten-free love child.

I’ll meet you there. . .

Sick With A Sack O’ Potatoes & Heirloom Seeds

Now that you are here, waltz over to  Check out my newest post on my past weekend staying home sick and making a smooth potato soup inspired by vintage church cookbooks.

If you’d like, linger for a while and enjoy the other posts written by my talented co-authors.

Your 20food time starts now.

My First Attempt At Cooking Local Venison

It’s 20food time again.

Check out my newest 20food article Cooking Local Venison: My First Try, published January 30, 2012, illustrating my first attempt at cooking local venison.

Transforming the venison into comforting Indian food was not quite a soaring success, but also not a failure.  My finished dish was not exactly a looker, but I enjoyed my first foray into cooking local game meats.  Enjoy.

Challah on the Prairie

I am excited to begin my journey as a contributing author to 20food, a blog written by 20-somethings who write about their experiences and passion growing and cooking their own “fresh and local food.”

Head on over to 20food to check out my first post on how to make lacquered loaves of tender challah in your own oven.


Challah on the Prairie was originally posted on 20food January 3, 2012.  

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