I wrote this simple recipe for Simple Sautéed Cabbage With Balsamic Vinegar nine years ago!

There’s not much to the post, the recipe details are sparse, and the photo is just ok. Yet, it remains one of the most popular posts to this day.

Especially during the pandemic, people are gravitating towards this cabbage post.

Here’s my even more streamlined version of this recipe. Of course you can still add miso and the hot peppers, if you have them. A simple sauté brings out the natural sweetness in the cabbage.

Simple Sautéed Cabbage With Balsamic Vinegar: II

Cabbage, shredded
Pat of butter
Salt and pepper (and a dash of Lawry’s if you have some).
An OK balsamic vinegar (Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive. Trader Joe’s has a somewhat syrupy balsamic at a good cost).


  1. Heat a skillet (not cast iron) over medium/medium-high heat.
  2. Add some olive oil and butter.
  3. Toss shredded cabbage in olive oil/butter mix.
  4. Season with salt and pepper. I also like to add a dash of Lawry’s.
  5. Toss the cabbage until it becomes tender (but remains a gentle crisp) and starts to frizzle around the edges.
  6. Turn off heat. When the pan’s not screaming hot, drizzle in some balsamic vinegar. Toss and allow to reduce as the pan cools.
  7. Adjust seasonings as desired and enjoy.