On The TV Show Corporate & A Chicken Finger Quest

Upon transitioning into a more traditional 9-5 office job after moving back to the Twin Cities, I’ve become obsessed with office shows.

Office Space and The Office have a whole new meaning. Pete doing all those TPS reports, Andy putting a sandwich into his disk drive to break it so he can finally get a new computer. . .some may find these shows stressful but I find them cathartic.

Corporate (2nd season airing on Comedy Central) is like a more modern version of The Office. Sometimes it’s a little too real.

I’ve been thinking about the last episode of Corporate The Concert all week. It so perfectly and so comically depicts that pivot many of us made moving between our 20’s and 30’s. That of chasing as many activities as possible after work to being completely fine with chilling at home after work.

When I was in my 20’s, I thought my neighbors would think I was cooler if I was gone a lot. After work I went to Capoeira, a yoga studio where the teacher made us practice Tadasana for an entire class period, and any type of educational or spiritual events my friends invited me to.

In my 30’s, I still love getting together with family and friends. I also enjoy weekends that are strings of naps punctuated by second breakfasts, food quests, and the latest weird thing streaming on Netflix.

Last weekend I embarked on a chicken finger quest. 

“What if we combined the perfect chicken fingers with the perfect sides?” I wondered.

Popeye’s vs. KFC
I usually visit Popeye’s for chicken fingers. For one thing, Popeye’s is the closest. They’re also really good. Even the regular chicken (vs. the spicy) has a slight kick. Popeye’s is crispy and never greasy.

Popeye’s serves good rice and beans, however we prefer the coleslaw and mashed potatoes + gravy sides at KFC. I’m just not crazy about the chicken there.

The biscuits between the two are both fine. I like that Popeye’s offers more dipping sauces, like sweet heat and buffalo, but I don’t crave them. The chicken is what brings me back.

Raising Cane’s
Raising Cane’s only serves chicken tenders. Locations are sprinkled around the Twin Cities. I remember visiting them a long time ago and not feeling excited enough to return soon.

When I polled Twitter, Raising Cane’s won.  The quest to try combining Raising Cane’s chicken and KFC sides became clear.

The Quest
It turns out that there aren’t many KFC’s left in the Twin Cities. And none are very close to a Raising Cane’s. On a football Sunday, I picked two, fifteen minutes apart. Surely going between games will bypass lines? I was very wrong.

The KFC in Roseville, MN boasts an $8 buffet.  At 1:30 p.m. it was very very busy. I spent about 15 minutes waiting in line for sides of mashed potatoes, coleslaw and four biscuits. My bill came to $12.

I waited in line for about 30 minutes at Raising Cane’s in Shoreview. I’m not sure I understand the drive-through. Maybe it was due to volume. First, I ordered at the menu board.  Then I paid at the first window. Next, I picked up my lemonade at the second window. Finally, I crawled towards the front door where an employee delivered my order carside.

If you don’t want a combo meal, order chicken strips by the piece. 12 chicken strips and three side sauces cost about $18.

The freshly fried  chicken was packed in an unvented styrofoam container inside a plastic bag. I quickly opened the package so the strips wouldn’t steam into mushy oblivion.

The Verdict?
The KFC sides tasted like they always do. No complaints except that $12 seems a little bit steep.

The Raising Cane’s chicken strips are cooked well, but the batter tastes blander than Popeye’s. I actually found myself sprinkling them with seasoned salt. People rave about Cane’s dipping sauce for good reason. The creamy, savory sauce tastes really good with chicken strips.

Now I believe the fast food chicken tender trifecta could be this: Popeye’s chicken tenders + Raising Cane’s sauce, and KFC mashed potatoes & gravy and coleslaw with biscuits from either.

We woke up that evening with stomach aches so we won’t be attempting this new quest for a while.

Still, it was really fun and felt like productive use of a Sunday afternoon. Just don’t ask me to go after 8 p.m. cuz I’ll be wrapped in a blanket burrito watching Veep with my pet child and sleeping.


  1. Mike McGuinness

    Hi Jeni,
    Another Great Post!
    Shared this to my FB Group and it was surprising that KFC and Canes were hardly mentioned but Popeyes was the most favored along with Hardees and Norman Quacks in Forest Lake getting favorable Reveiws.
    I never knew so many folks like Chicken tenders.

    • Jeni

      Thank you so much Mike and for generously sharing. I don’t miss Facebook but I do miss the groups like yours. Those were the one thing holding me back from deactivating.

      I have never thought to order chicken strips at Hardees so I will have to try that. There’s that one near Target Midway. And we’ve been really curious about going to Norman Quack’s. Their duck theme cracks me up. I love it.

      • Mike McGuinness

        Look’s like Hardee’s has taken the lead which surprises me!
        I used to like the out state Hardees before Carl Jr.s bought them.
        And isn’t that Quack me up? LoL

  2. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

    Love it. I’ve never had Popeye’s so I’ll have to try it sometime. And as for Cane’s I agree their sauces are delicious! I’ve only had it once when it was next to my hotel I stayed at in Omaha over a year ago but I thought it was a good chicken tender.
    And I agree, there is something no fail and always good about KFC’s sides. Love your food quests. And I do believe being in your 30s also adds to stomach aches easier… 😉

    • Jeni

      Popeye’s chicken is SO GOOD. I think you’re right about our stomachs and being 30+ 😉

  3. katie

    I haven’t had Popeye’s or cane’s but I love the idea of this!

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