Thoughts On Crashing & How To Make My Favorite Breakfast Sandwiches

This has nothing to do with breakfast sandwiches, but I just really want to say that I am kind of into HBO’s Crashing.

The main character Pete (real life comedian Pete Holmes)  is an aspiring stand-up comic pursuing his dream and crashing on famous comedian’s couches, post separation. He’s not quite sure how to function on his own and support himself financially. Both Pete and his ex-spouse come from a conservative Christian background, and, for the first time, they’re both trying to figure out who they are and what they believe. It’s funny and so heartfelt. The push and pull between both spectrums are treated with surprising compassion.

I can relate to pieces of Pete’s background and floundering around one’s 30’s.

Time flies by in weeks. I can’t figure out how to make it pass slower. I can’t figure out how to make it feel like it’s passing slower. Losing ourselves and finding ourselves again, juggling practicality and our passions, struggling for balance.

I’m also really tired. You probably are too. Which brings me back to breakfast sandwiches.

The best choice I’ve during the last two weekends is carving out time to prep breakfast sandwiches for the week. These are inspired by a sandwich I ordered at Bubble and Sip near Times Square in NYC. It contained a hard poached egg and thin slices of roasted potatoes.

Let’s be real. This isn’t really a recipe. It’s a list of breakfast things that you can stack together. Regardless, I like it and it’s good. As I open up my email each morning, I do so with a hot cup of tea and breakfast sandwich in hand. It might not change the course of the day, but it makes me feel happy and somewhat grounded at 7 a.m. which is good enough for me.

Here’s how I make them:

One potato (I used a Russet)
1 package of English muffins, split in half.
Canadian bacon
Cheese slices (I prefer American cheese, but the good kind. The thicker slices of American cheese that don’t come individually wrapped in plastic sleeves taste better)


  1. Pre-heat oven to 375 F.
  2. Thinly slice one potato. Toss olive oil and season with salt and pepper (or your favorite seasoning blend).
  3. Roast potato slices until golden brown and crisp around the edges.
  4. While the potatoes are roasting, place english muffin halves on a sheet tray. Bake until toasted. Spread with a little butter.
  5. Cook eggs however you like. Two ways I like: Making cheater poached eggs in my microwave egg poacher or cooking a giant scrambled egg patty and cutting out smaller patties. You could also fry eggs.
  6. Briefly cook each Canadian bacon slice on each side.
  7. Assemble: Layer the potato slices, bacon, eggs, and cheese on each sandwich.
  8. Wrap each sandwich in foil and freeze.
  9. Place a sandwich in your fridge the night before so it will be partially defrosted. Wrap defrosted sandwich in a paper towel and heat for about a minute, depending on your microwave wattage.
  10. If you are trying to heat a fully frozen sandwich, cook on defrost setting first so that the muffin doesn’t get too chewy.


  1. Katy F

    Looks good and meal prepping is a life saver to me!!

  2. Beth Ann Chiles

    Yummy! I never would have thought to include potato! Will have to check out that show. Chris and I spent all day on the couch watching Imposters.

    • Jeni

      You have good taste in tv shows – we usually like what you like. Will check that out!

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