10 Tips For Spending An Entire Day At Universal Studios Florida (If You’re Just Not Into Amusement Parks)

I’m just not that into amusement parks. There, I said it. Big crowds exhaust me. Rollercoasters scare me. All of the other rides make me sick. I’m cheap, I like naps, and get claustrophobic.

This month, we met up with a small group of Jake’s friends and visited Universal Studios Orlando. Despite all of these things, I spent an entire day at Universal Studios and I had a good time. If you are like me, you can, too. Here’s are my ten best tips:

1. Acceptance.
Yes, your day will cost a lot of money and you will be here all day. If you just want to visit for one day, there really aren’t any ticket discounts. Single-day park passes with admission to both parks cost about $170 including tax. Disney Park Hopper passes cost the same amount. And don’t forget parking! Add an additional $20 per car.

Admission includes any entertainment and rides. Everything else costs extra, just like at any other amusement park. My not-so-scientific guess is that approximately 60% of the park is actually composed of stores, restaurants, and stands offering more stuff to buy. If you want to do Universal on  budget, set a budget. There are too many tempting things to buy.`I did see families enjoying sack lunches and filling up their own water bottles. These are easy way to save money.

The ticket prices, though, are what they are.

2. There’s gotta be some theme that you enjoy!

harry potter world entrance

Even though we were at the park all day, we still couldn’t see everything at Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure. The parks are divided into themes, including Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Poseidon, old-fashioned comics, and the Simpsons. There’s gotta be something that you’re into!

3. Appreciate the details

seuss world flowers
Universal puts so many details into each theme, down to each trash can and bathroom sign. I didn’t go on any rides, but Jake admired how well the areas where he waited in lines were interesting to look at and reflected the themes.

In addition, Universal considers user experience. I never felt like it was difficult to find an employee when I wanted to ask a question. There are tons of restrooms and they’re extremely clean. I never stressed about finding drinking fountains and places to sit in the shade. And the park provides free lockers to hold your items when you go on a ride.

4. Every time everyone wants to go on a ride, drink something. 

butter beer
Have a latte, have a soda, have a frozen lemonade, Butterbeer, beer or even a margarita. There are vendors offering every type of drink around every ride.

5. Eat something. 

Just like the beverages, there is food everywhere. Some of the food vendors are theme-specific. For example, you can order grilled meat and veggie kabobs in the Poseidon area, doughnuts in the Simpsons world, and pumpkin cakes in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Prices are higher than what they would be outside of the park, but much of the food wasn’t as expensive as I’ve seen in other amusement parks. Plus, it tasted better. Five dollars will buy you a churro or pretzel and there are pretzel/churro stands everywhere.

It’s never too early in the morning to enjoy a pretzel with cheese sauce.

6. Don’t try to navigate around everyone’s selfies. 


It’s literally impossible. Don’t even try. Feel empowered to walk right through.

7. If you’re from the North, enjoy the weather.
When we left the Twin Cities, the temperature was sub-zero. As soon as we exited the plane, we ditched our jackets and soaked in the 80 degree weather. Just being able to spend a whole day in the sun was a treat itself.


8. Relish your steps.
We averaged seven miles worth of steps. If you enjoy tracking your steps, you might be surprised at your day’s tally.

9. Soak in everyone’s joy.
Other people’s joy upon meeting their favorite characters, walking around in robes waving magic wands, or watching a dinosaur egg hatch is contagious.

10. Eat a chocolate frog.

chocolate frogs
Because, why the heck not? You’re at Universal Studios!

Feel free to share your thoughts below on amusement parks or Universal Studios below. 


  1. Katie

    I utilize the beginning of the day. Yes it feels good to sleep in, but I’d rather get there when the park opens and cram in the “must do” right away. Also, instead of walking to get to specific places, do it when you see it. Otherwise you might waste time walking back and forth from area to area.

    • Jeni

      Thanks for sharing your tips with me! Yes, the morning is so great. No crowds and no crazy lines. It was so nice compared to the afternoon. The only thing is that I wish we had headed right to Harry Potter world.

  2. Beth Ann Chiles

    Great tips! I have not been to a big place like Universal for ages (last thing close was probably Cedar Point!) and I get a bit overwhelmed with the bigness of these places sometimes. But you had some great advice and I agree with Katie that mornings are best. We always hit Disney and Epcot early in the morning, started at the back and worked our way to the front. It used to work years ago. Not sure if it would so much today.

  3. Josh

    Great advice! I’ve never liked theme parks either. Was just in FL a week ago, perfect weather!

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