Clara Cannucciari’s Asparagus Sandwiches

Last year, I became fascinated with Clara Cannucciari (August 28, 1915-November 29, 2013) after reading Clara’s Kitchen, a book she co-authored about growing up during the Great Depression. The cover of her book states she is, “Everybody’s favorite YouTube Grandmother,” as she also hosted online cooking segments through age 96. 

She’s certainly mine, as none of my grandmothers ever appeared on YouTube, not even our incredible adopted Grandma Burrell. 

Clara describes growing up during a time when food was scarce and jobs, scarcer. She shares the recipes that sustained her family and the necessary adjustments they made to reduce food wastage and save money. Her recipes are simple. Some, remarkably so, yet I often found myself wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Her family was rarely able to afford meat and relied on sustainable and local food systems such as raising their own chickens for eggs, planting a vibrant garden, canning excess produce, and foraging for wild edibles.  For example, Clara describes how to prepare dandelion greens and burdock stalks, plants that are still available in our own backyards or parkways.

Did you know that you can place anything between two slices of bread and call it a sandwich? My significant other and I have eaten many recipes from Clara’s book, including many of these sandwiches. One evening, we made “Salad Sandwiches” from leftover rainbow chard quickly blanched in hot water, shocked in ice water, and sautéed with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. We also feasted on eggplant burgers, replacing ground beef with a fried slice of eggplant, plus the usual burger accoutrements. 

Our favorite of all was this asparagus sandwich and we’ve made it many times, since.

Asparagus Sandwich EditedClara’s Asparagus Sandwich

1 bunch of asparagus, woody ends removed
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea salt
Freshly cracked black pepper
Sliced bread
Grated Parmesan or Pecorino Romano
Lemon or lime wedges


  1. Preheat the oven to 425℉.
  2. Wash the asparagus. Remove the woody ends (I like to snap off the ends).
  3. On a sheet pan, drizzle the asparagus with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Arrange the stalks in a single layer and roast for a few minutes. Flip the asparagus, and roast for a few more minutes or until tender.
  4. Toast your slices of bread and butter them. Place the asparagus between the buttered bread, sprinkle with freshly grated cheese, and spritz with a squirt of lemon or lime.


  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    I may have found my new favorite sandwich! Genius!!! Or should I say Jenius???? Gonna go check Clara out!!! Sounds like she was an amazing lady! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeni Flaa

      Her videos are so fantastic! I think I watched all of them in once day.

  2. Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek

    I love asparagus! This looks so good!

    • Jeni Flaa

      Thanks Katie! I do too.

  3. Lindsay Eidahl

    I love asparagus!!!! This looks yummy!

    • Jeni Flaa

      Thanks Lindsay. I love how easy it is.

  4. Stephanie

    Saving this for farmer’s market season, sounds yummy!

    • Jeni Flaa

      Looking forward to spring asparagus!

  5. Renae @Launderlife

    What a great idea! Asparagus is on sale this week at the grocery store, too. We’re going to try it. Thanks! Renae

  6. Kelli @ The Sustainable Couple

    I love the wisdom that comes with a frugal meal, especially a ‘historic’ one like this! Hey, you should do a series on frugal, traditional meals 🙂 Or Depression dishes? My readers would LOVE that!

  7. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

    I’ll have to check Clara out and definitly will have to make these sandwiches when asparagus season approaches. We have a lot of asparagus in our neighborhood so I’m always looking for new ways to make and serve it!

    • Jeni Flaa

      Feel free to pass over any of your favorite asparagus recipes.

  8. Cristen

    I love asparagus! We have lots growing in the ditches of our farm. Simply made is the best! Love it. I’ll have to check Ms. Clara out! Thanks Jeni!

    • Jeni Flaa

      Ms. Clara is amazing. I’ve never picked my own asparagus.

  9. Jantina Wennerstrom


  10. Mary Hopper

    Yum! I have asparagus and my grandma’s homemade bread that is going to make a delicious supper for me and Dave tonight! Thanks for the idea!

    • Jeni

      That sounds perfect. Have you seen anyone selling local asparagus in N. Iowa?

  11. Josh

    That sounds de-freakin-lish! I agree with Beth, this is Jenius.

    • Jeni

      You can put anything inside a sandwich:)

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