My Top 10 Posts & Recipes From 2013

I love lists.

I’m still not tired of seeing everyone’s top blogging lists of the year and find them helpful for getting to know some of the blogs of which I’m a newer reader.

These are my most popular posts written in 2013. They are random and range from recipes to culinary school. Click on the graphics below to view them.


Mock duck is extremely easy to make at home. Find out how. 


I think Jake and I need to revisit dive bar date nights. This was one of my favorite adventures we embarked upon while living in Fargo, ND.


Getting acquainted to life in Mason City, IA.


Cafe 21 is now called Bangkok Corner. We visited them several times from the time they opened to when we moved to Iowa. 


I loved the majority of my culinary school experience. Find out why I hated these pants so much.


This summer, we lived in a hotel in Mason City during the workweek and with our parents in the Twin Cities on weekends until we found a house. Life in transit was tough, but gave us opportunities to reconnect with the Twin Cities dining scene on a regular basis.


Apparently, I wrote this when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song Thrift Shop was in full swing. These are some of the treats I found.


My argument outlining why it’s rude to withhold salt from guests’ tables.


One of my many road trips exploring North Dakota. Of course, it involves food.


And last but not least, how I came around on the Pioneer Woman. After we bought part of a cow share,  I made some adaptations on her recipe for Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork.  

I owe a lot to those who have shared my posts in their social network circles. Thank you to those who’ve added me to their blog rolls and reading lists, The Heavy Table for including me in some of their Daily Churns, Fargo-Moorhead’s Inforum, Travel Iowa, Bismarck’s Be Magazine, the North Dakota blogging network, Iowa blogging networks, Huffington Post, MN Today, Minnesota’s Fortify Food Community and The Minnesota Blogger Conference

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  1. Val

    What a variety of experiences and food you’ve been able to blog about in the past year. I’m so happy that you have come around to the Pioneer Woman! Looking forward to what you have in store for 2014!

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