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Jake and I are having a Trayce the dog.

Trayce says, “Thanks for the walk.”

On Thursday, I’ll pick up Trayce, the dog from Saint Paul, MN. Jake bought Trayce as a puppy when he was a bachelor four years ago. He gave the puppy to his parents to care for since he worked too many hours to adequately care for the dog and promised to take him back when he was able. Trayce is an energetic Rat Terrier mix with bad manners. Sometimes he spins in circles when he gets excited and you have to tranquilize him to cut his nails. But he does well on walks, sits on command, and loves baths. Cesar Millan’s dog psychology theories have already proven helpful.

I can’t wait to take Trayce with me on road trips. We shall explore Iowa together.

Growing up, my family was never without a family dog. First, we had Reggie the sweet but dopey, blond Cocker Spaniel who was euthanized when he developed a giant tumor at age 13.

Celebrating my third birthday.

Then, we had Otis the Boston Terrier. My little brother and I basically got into a fistfight over who got to hold him on the car ride back from picking him up from the breeder’s. While my mom was in hospice, the vet botched a procedure that made him incontinent. The vet adopted him because my dad was too overwhelmed to care for him and I lived in an apartment that did not allow pets.

Otis’s second day home. 

Some girls play house, collect dolls and dream of caring for their own babies. I played spaceship, collected seashells, and read books about cooking and extraterrestrials.

And I always wanted a dog.


  1. nobody

    Longtime lurker, rare commenter. Congrats on the dog! I hope he becomes a good companion for you in Iowa.

  2. Jen

    Thanks for the congrats and also for taking the time to comment. Brace yourself for dog posts.

  3. Beth Ann Chiles

    I absolutely LOVE the picture of you at 3 years old. So sweet!!!! I can not wait to see more doggie pictures. I feel confident that Trayce will love his new Iowa home!!!!

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