2012 Food Resolutions

In 2012, I will learn how to create the following in my humble apartment kitchen:
A working list

  • Homemade pho
  • Spicy vegetable korma
  • Many varieties of yeast breads, including sour dough.
  • Pork bulgogi 
  • Flaky Chinese scallion pancakes
  • Beef laab & sticky rice
  • Russian kvass and kombucha
  • Salted caramels
  • Halal Cart-style Chicken and Rice with White Sauce (Serious Eats)
  • Chicken Dora Wat & injera
  • Steamed crab legs & lobster
  • Broder Cucina Italiana’s Eggplant Special-like pizza
  • Lefse
  • Gnocchi
  • Tamales
  • Kibbe, flatbread, and garlic sauce

In 2012, I will work towards cultivating the following competencies:
  • Canning and preserving
  • Gardening on my apartment balcony
  • Baking yeast bread
  • Cooking large pieces of protein (such as curing a side of salmon, preparing whole birds, shanks, etc.)
  • Preparing local game meats

Memorable in 2011

Silky seared tuna from Meritage

Favorite “High Brow” Meals

  • Heartland
  • Meritage 
  • Cosmos

Spicy grilled mackerel, Sole Cafe
Most memorable Service (and by memorable, I mean “good” with no shortage of character)
  • Sole Cafe
  • Cosmos

    Stir fried silver thread noodles with mixed meats, Bangkok Thai Deli

    Favorite Restaurant To Order Take-out

    • Ted Cook’s 19 Hole Barbecue
    • Surabhi Thali meals
    • Bangkok Thai Deli
    • Pizza Nico (Fargo)

    Tacos Arabes with Al Pastor meat from the spit

    Memorable Bites From Afar By Plane or Road Trip
    • Tacos Arabes, Puebla, Mexico
    • Fist-sized prawns, Rough Riders Hotel, Medora, ND
    • Nigiri from Ray’s Sushi in Oto’s Marketplace, Sacramento, CA
    Ceviche, La Sirena Gorda
    Will Be Dearly Missed
    • La Sirena Gorda
    The Green Fairy, Meritage

    Favorite Beverages
    • Finding Hopslam at The Strip Club
    • Carefully distilled Pernod Absinthe, Meritage
    • Horseradish vodka, Moscow on the Hill

      Sizzling galbi shortribs

      Home-cooked Winners