Little Korean Egg Rolls: Turnip Greens & Beef Mandu

Four years ago, I shared how I made Korean mandu with turnip greens on Simple, Good, And Tasty. I’m bringing it back because it’s too good to get lost in the shuffle.

Kale seems to get all of the glory. But as far as leafy greens go, I much prefer the flavor and texture of collards, beet greens, dandelion greens, and turnip greens. Raw turnip greens can sometimes feel prickly. Once you cook them down they have a silky texture and savory, earthy flavor. They’re perfect added to these fried Korean dumplings.

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Follow The Man Holding The Fish Sign On A Stick For Lutefisk

Last weekend, on our first cold, snowy night, I attended my first lutefisk dinner. Lutefisk is a Nordic food tradition of preserving cod fish with lye. You know, that stuff used in soap making or added to oven cleaners and drain openers? Yup. That’s the stuff. “This is totally not a metaphor,” I kept saying.

If you google “Lye” you will also find that it brings up articles related to “tissue digestion.” A friend reminded me that lye’s also used to make bagels so I felt a little better. After the fish is treated with lye, the flesh takes on that striking jello-like consistency. After a six-day soak in water, it’s fit for human consumption.

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This Week And A Horoscope

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to lead with a thought from my weekly horoscope.

Every week my friend shares Madame Clairvoyant’s weekly horoscopes. They’re not like typical newspaper or magazine horoscopes that offer vague insights into nothing (or, worse, those automatic Twitter horoscopes).  I never read these. But I’ll Madame Clairvoyant’s. They’re more like a pep talk, a kick in the pants, a warm hug.

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Doughscuits and Broccoli Bites: Six Favorite Food Experiences

One week at a time, we’re settling into our new life in St. Paul, Minnesota.

New house, new jobs, a job search, and yard work; it’s all a little much.  I’m finding myself considering things I’ve never considered before, like grocery delivery and those meal kit things.  Just the other day, someone left me a comment indicating that she thought I still lived in Iowa. I wanted to mock her for not knowing where I lived until I remembered that I can’t always remember either.

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63 Episodes Later: This American Life

I’ve always been a late adopter.

I joined Twitter in April of 2012 (it even says so in my bio!) and Snapchat last May. I never did use Vine or Blab before they died and have yet to Facebook “Live.”

Podcasts were never my thing. During our long car rides between Missouri and Minnesota, Jake often played epic, four-hour podcasts about his favorite video game or sports team. Like a spell, they promptly put me to sleep. “Why would you want to listen to someone talk for hours?” I questioned, much preferring to listen to people sing.

This changed last week. On a whim, I played one episode of This American Life and proceeded to listen to 62 more.

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