Something Old

Does anyone read blogs anymore?

I’m not even sure.

At least a year before the pandemic, the answer was a clear, not really?

I found myself at an influencer event where nobody blogged anymore.

I was basically Tom the dinosaur MySpace guy.

The reality is that I’m just not a Tik Tok girlie. I’ve created with it, but I don’t really like want to. I like blogging, but I want to try something else.

Maybe email subscriptions the future for people like me who liked to blog, but don’t enjoy making video content.

Anyway – I started a Patreon and am going to try shifting to publishing here, via email. I would love if you would consider signing-up! It’s free.

There is a paid membership level for those who would like to support food reviews.

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I Spent $40 So You Didn’t Have To: Reviewing Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Frozen Appetizers

I swore I wouldn’t do this again, but here we are.

Last fall, I reviewed four of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s frozen meals and Guy Fieri’s frozen meal line available at Walmart.

Guy’s meals pushed me over the edge and I immediately halted my frozen celebrity chef meal quest because they were so bad. Fieri’s Sweet & Sour Pork is truly nightmarish stuff.

Walmart is also offering Chef Ramsay’s line of five appetizers. Each costs a head-shaking $7 per box ($6.97 to be exact), which is $.73 more than each entree. And Walmart is now charging $.34 more per entree than last October.

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January 2024 Update

It’s 2024 and my 25 (lolll) Days of Ramen series got completely derailed.

On the plus side, I learned how to use Tik Tok. I also have some extra noodle packs to try later.

While we were on vacation for the Christmas holiday week, our dog had a seizure in middle of the night.

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