Stuffing Is For Any Time: My Favorite Version

There are several foods that fall into the “Even bad ___ is good ___.” My small list includes pizza, french fries, nachos, gyros, and stuffing! Boxed Stove Top Stuffing, corn bread stuffing, and homemade stuffing are all delicious. Fortunately, this stuffing is very good and is not just a Thanksgiving food; it’s an anytime dish. At least, it should […]

The St. Paul Sandwich

We’re working our way through our St. Louis-specific food traditions list. This week, I took a poll to decide my next lunch. Imo’s St. Louis-style pizza in all of its Provel glory or a St. Paul Sandwich? The St. Paul Sandwich won. This combination of white bread, an Egg Foo Young patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and […]

Pear Brandy & Cevapi at Grbic Restaurant

Our Halloween in St. Louis was filled with ice-cold pear brandy and cevapi rather than trick-or-treating and parties. Apartments and condos line our block and so there were really were no trick-or treaters anyway. Our date night destination was my choice this weekend and I chose Grbic, a Bosnian restaurant I saw featured on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods. Members of […]