How To Turn A Packet Of Ramen Noodles Into A Feast

My new home is 40% boxes. It used to be 90% which makes 40% a celebratory percentage. We suddenly find ourselves living in St. Louis, Missouri and it feels surreal. During our first night, a big storm hit. The dog and I hid in the basement while the tornado warnings sounded. We heard rain pour from the sky […]

Pack A Roll Of Toilet Paper: 10 Pieces Of My Best Moving Advice

We’ve moved with Jake’s company to Fargo, North Dakota, Mason City, Iowa and St. Louis, Missouri all within our 20’s, however we’ve got nothing on Beth. Last year, Beth’s husband received a new job opportunity and her house sold about the same time we learned about our move, and so we’ve been saying goodbye to North Iowa […]

North Iowa: Notes Upon Leaving

Two years in North Iowa and I only have a few regrets. I never did catch a concert at the Surf Ballroom or complete my Every Bar in Mason City Quest. I didn’t make it to Bill’s BBQ or Band Fest or tour the Stockman House. But, I made lifelong friends and I embarked on many marvelous adventures within […]

My First St. Louis & St. Charles, Missouri Adventures

The thought running through my head is that I’m leaving my homeland of Minnesotafell. So, I currently live in Iowa, but typically identify myself as being born and raised in Minnesota. When I throw in the fact that I was actually born in South Korea, it adds another complication to the whole “Where are you from?” […]