The Girl Who Lived 80 Years In 27

On Tuesday I lost my friend. We lost our friend. As my friend Donna Hup stated, “Even though she was only 27, she lived life more than some 80-year-olds.” Amy of Modern Rural Living died in a car crash Tuesday morning. Many of us had just seen her hours ago at a meeting. I’ve read all of the news […]

Sights, Tastes & Sounds From North Coast Nosh Curated By The Sioux Chef Sean Sherman

Last Thursday evening, my cousin Alexandra and I attended our first North Coast Nosh. We had been looking forward to attending this event since Heavy Table and The Minnesota Historical Society released tickets in December. The event sold out and the lobby was packed with others like us who were excited to celebrate native food traditions. This particular North Coast Nosh was curated by The […]

Kindness & A Grain Co-op

I grew up learning nothing about farming. The closest I got to farm animals was the exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo and our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair. My dad recounts visiting a family member’s farm growing up, but the rest of the farmers in our family have lost since passed. As I start […]

Mugshot Monday: Little Mugs With Birds

This week’s Mugshot Monday takes a different crunchier turn than last week’s RocDonald’s Flinstones mug. I bought this pair at an annual Holistic Health and Herbal Education Festival held at a farm in Cannon Falls. I actually taught a class on making medicinal salves. It might be hard to believe, but I studied herbal medicine during […]