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An Update After Nine Graze Boxes: Our Favorite & Least Favorite Snacks

*I received two boxes of snacks composed of flapjacks & popcorn compliments of Graze. Jake and I continue to pay for our own Nibblr subscription. All thoughts are 100% honest and my own. 

We’re nine Graze Nibblr boxes deep.

Since my initial post comparing Naturebox to Graze Nibblr boxes, we’ve had an opportunity to try many more snacks, so I thought I’d share an update. Interestingly enough, my most viewed posts are about subscription boxes.

Jake prefers the big Naturebox bags of snacks while I prefer Graze. I like the quirky variety of snacks and appreciate the ingredients’ freshness. Nothing has tasted stale or dried-out. As downsides to the Nibblr boxes, the portion sizes are truly single serving and you can’t choose which ones arrive. You can rate the snacks, though, and indicate if you want to “trash” or “try”, “like” or “love.”

However, Graze is offering a waiting list for their upcoming Big Box option where subscribers choose five bags of snacks each month for $25. I love this idea, but we’ll stick with our every other week schedule since we’re trying to save money for a vacation.

We began our subscription by using a friend’s referral code that gave us our first and fifth box free, while paying $6 for the other boxes. The price has increased to $6.99 per box, but it appears we’re still locked into the $6 price. Everyone who subscribes to Graze has a referral code. Feel free to use my friend Beth’s. She blogs at It’s Just Life: Finding The Extraordinary in the OrdinaryBETHC8WQP 

UPDATE (12/7/14) We did decide to cancel our subscription. We enjoyed our subscription, but wished we could handpick only savory snacks, since we generally dislike sweet ones. When I asked a Graze representative if it was possible to “trash” all of the sweet snacks and only receive our favorite savory ones, she replied that it’s possibly “in theory” but makes it difficult to fill an order this specific. Graze is still offering a waiting list for their Big Box. This looks like a fun option, but not one we want to budget for at the moment. 

In early September Graze sent me some Flapjacks & Popping Corn to try.


These are are favorite and least favorite snacks from the snacks Graze sent us to try and our regular Nibblr deliveries:


Savory Collage
Twist of Black Pepper Popping Corn: Graze sent me a complimentary box of their black pepper and lightly salted popcorn to try. My favorite flavor is the black pepper because I like the peppery bite. At first I thought the popcorn was popped in butter, but see it’s actually palm oil. The portion size is substantial.

Chili & Lime Pistachios: If I were to subscribe to the Big Box, I’d want to choose a bag of these. Jake and I competed over these pistachios more than any of the other snacks. They randomly showed up in our second box and I hope we see them again.

Fruity Mango Chutney: I’m mildly obsessed with dips. Possibly because they are one of those fun foods I indulge in at parties, but have a difficult time justifying making at home for just the two of us. I especially liked that the rice crackers were spicy.

Sweet Collage

Brownie Flapjack: Graze calls their granola bars Flapjacks. They are soft in texture and almost cakey. I liked this brownie version even though I don’t typically gravitate towards sweet snacks, because brownie of course! The shortening Graze lists in its Flapjacks’ ingredients is non-hydrogenated margarine. I’ve usually split a pack with Jake.

Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie: The cookie bits are shortbready and the tiny cubes of salted fudge have a texture like Starbursts. It’s a quirky sweet and salty mix that’s fun to eat.

Graze’s Smokey Hot Dog (Update 12/7/14): This is my favorite Graze snack to date. It’s salty, cheesy, and a little spicy. It sounds gross, but tastes really good. The smoked cashews taste remind me of smoked gouda.

Least Favorites

  • Key Lime: We liked the whimsy of this snack with the little meringue and cookie bits, but this mix was too sweet for us.

key lime

  • Fruit & Seed Flapjack: Even though I enjoyed the brownie and berry flapjacks, I found this variety too sweet.
  • Dried Fruit Mixes: Pure, dried fruit mixes aren’t our personal snacking preference.
  • Plain Fruit-nut Mixes: We’ve received a couple of plain fruit-nut mixes like Born in the USA. While the ingredients are fresh and the snack is substantial enough to tide me over until the next meal, I’ve found them bland since they aren’t seasoned or salted.
  • My Thai Dippers (Update 12/7/14): Something about this snack just did not taste good to us. This is the only snack we threw in the trash.

Have you ever tried a food subscription box? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received two free boxes containing popping corn & flapjacks for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

From Naturebox to Graze

This is not a sponsored post. We paid for our own Naturebox and Graze subscriptions. 

Our four month-long subscription to Naturebox revealed that we like receiving snacks in the mail. Not that this is a surprise or anything.


The box we chose cost $20 per month for five bags of snacks which was sufficient for our two-person household. Most were hits, while a few others were misses. We liked that we could choose our snacks which were all free of artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, and partially or fully-hydrogenated oils. Snacks can also be sorted by vegan, non-GMO or allergen-free.

We went for the ones that sounded most appealing.

At the end of four months, I decided to try a new snack subscription service. Although we did like most of our snacks, we hit a few duds in our last two boxes that frustrated me. I composed a tweet stating we had some hits and misses and sent Naturebox an email listing the snacks we especially loved and disliked.

To Naturebox’s credit, company reps contacted me immediately via Twitter and returned my email the next day. They informed me about their 100% satisfaction guarantee which provides subscribers with credit for snacks they are unhappy with and offered to ship me replacement snacks. I was very impressed with their customer service’s responsiveness and willingness to send new snacks.

I wish I had known about this policy sooner, but shame on me for not contacting Naturebox sooner! I learned an important lesson to bring my concerns about a product directly to the company and give them an opportunity to respond. Naturebox sends an email when they ship the box along with a tracking number. Ours took one week to ship from Sacramento to Mason City.

These were our favorite and least favorite Naturebox snacks:

Favorites: Big Island Pineapple, Country Ranch Peas, Santa Fe Corn Stix, Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels, Italian Bistro Pretzels, Sunshine Chips

Least Favorites: Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Fuji Apples, Flax Crostini Bites

And now our initial thoughts on our first Graze box.

Graze Box


Several friends recommended Graze and Katy offered us her referral code that made our first and fifth box free. Each Graze box costs $6 each (including shipping), so felt that five boxes for $18 was an affordable way to try the service.

We subscribed to weekly Nibbleboxes, while the Caloriecounter option only contains snacks under 150 calories.

Unlike Naturebox, subscribers can’t specifically choose their snacks, but can browse through them online and indicate which snacks they want to try. I “trashed” some of the snacks that didn’t appeal to our tastes. Subscribers can also sort snacks by allergen and dietary preference.

Our Graze box arrived nine days after I subscribed. Here’s what we received:


Each pouch is a single serving.

Jalapeno Fiesta: Pure nuts. A little bit of spice but not remarkably spicy. Slightly bland but tasty enough. Jake really enjoyed these and said they were his favorite.

Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie: I initially predicted I would not like this snack, but found it addicting. The mix really did taste salty and sweet. The cookies had a shortbread quality and the itsy bitsy fudge cubes had the texture of Starbursts. A little strange, but I kept going back for more. Nothing tasted too sweet.

Super Berry Detox: I almost never seek dried fruit as a snack, so I’m biased not to favor this mix. But the dried fruits tasted fresh and as juicy as dried fruit can be. Jake gave his seal of approval.

Punchy Protein Nuts: The cashews were coated in a tart chili lime seasoning which I really enjoyed. However, the other nuts were not even salted. Meh.

Initial Thoughts: With the coupon for the 1st and 5th box free, we’re satisfied with the $18 value for five boxes. We do miss the larger portion sizes of Naturebox, because it’s nice to have a whole bag of something you like and reorder it. The Graze box pouches go quickly, but are supposed to ship once per week. Plus, we liked the surprise of not knowing what snacks were inside the box and the ingredients tasted fresh.

I’m hoping we get more of the quirky snacks like the Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie mix. Hopefully we’ll find some of the popcorn, dips and dippers, and flapjacks inside our future boxes.

Have you dabbled in snack subscription boxes? What have your experiences been? 


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