We’re fans of meat cutlets. There’s really not much to dislike about thin, breaded, pounded-out pieces of meat cooked until crisp, unless you don’t like meat, that is. I used to only order breaded meat cutlets dishes at restaurants instead of preparing them home because I feared they’d be too messy or cumbersome. Then, we made breaded cutlets so often in culinary school that I lost my fear.

Thanks to my year in culinary school, I can practically prepare many foods in my sleep. These include soup, tuna salad, and pie crust which I avoided for 28 years. The same applies to breaded foods. I really do think I can assemble a proper breading station with my eyes closed.

Once you feel comfortable preparing a breaded meat cutlet, you can make a variety of dishes. Besides Chicken Parmesan, we like schnitzel which I’ve made with pounded-out pork. And if you ever visit a Mexican restaurant that serves tortas, try ordering one with a thin and crispy slice of beef milanese.

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