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Find The Closest Little Doughnut Shop

Find the closest little doughnut shop near your house.

We’re adjusting to life in the suburbs. I grew up in the suburbs and swore I’d never return, yet here I am.

I like the slower pace and quietness. I miss the sidewalks. I hate my commute.

During our first weekend in the new house, I found the closest little doughnut shop near our home.

It’s no secret that I love doughnuts.

Some of you may remember I worked at a gourmet doughnut shop in St. Louis. “Surely you’ll get tired of eating a doughnut every day,” my family said, but no. I never got tired of eating a doughnut every day.

That wild ride convinced I never wanted to work in a doughnut shop again, but I appreciate the hard work and early mornings that go into the craft.

The only doughnut shop around is Donut Hut in Little Canada. It’s a small shop located in a quiet strip mall near Tealicious, the only bubble tea shop around. Needless to say it’s my favorite strip mall. On my way last weekend I stopped outside of it for people trying to nudge a giant turtle to the side of the road. Yup, I live somewhere now with a bunch of turtles.

Clearly Donut Hut is popular. I always get there on the weekends when the doughnuts are picked over because the bubble tea shop opens 11 am.

The doughnuts taste as homemade and handmade as they claim – not at all like they’re from a mix. I prefer a simple raised glazed or old fashioned. I especially liked their apple fritter. In theory I should like all apple fritters but have never liked any of the ones I’ve ordered before because they tasted burned, oily or lacking apple. Donut Hut’s taste lovely and fresh and rich with apple.

Also, they’re nice to my toddler. I never ever expect anyone to fawn over my child, but when they do, it makes my heart full.

I felt like a regular at the bubble tea shop after my first visit. If you’re like me, don’t forget to order your drink at a 1/4 of the regular sweetness level. They also sell a small selection of sweet and savory Asian pastries – I’m partial to the savory ones like beef curry, hot dog, and bbq pork buns.

Keefer Court’s are still my favs but these are wonderfully convenient. Especially since most bubble tea shops I’ve visited don’t offer food.

I’ve been spending way too much money on iced teas out, so I started making my own. This is not to say I won’t still visit bubble tea shops. Although I cracked Caribou’s sparkling green tea lemonade with a half shot of raspberry, my first attempt at milk tea was disappointing.

But doughnuts? No way, I’m not making my own. I’ll keep visiting my closest little doughnut shop.

Thoughts on The Creekside Supper Club

Going out to eat with a baby or toddler is. . . interesting.

Having worked at restaurants in the past, I never wanted to be *that* parent.

You know. The one who lets their child run wild around customers. Or leaves a terrible splay of food on the ground and tips like shit. When I worked at the doughnut shop in St. Louis, one parent gleefully told me they loved to come there because we’d clean up their mess.

As new parents we’re learning as we go. After spending one lunch at Red Lobster desperately picking-up grains of rice under the chair, we remembered to bring pocket bibs. And after desperately trying to entertain her at Grand Catch with a straw and my cell phone (on silent of course) we bring toys.

And after this patio experience where she slid two plates to the ground, we keep them far, far away.

Sometimes I get to dine out with just adults.

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What I’ll Miss: On Moving

The whole process of buying a house right now is wacky.

If you like a house, you have to put an offer on it. . .right away? No big deal just the biggest financial transaction of your life.

We’re moving to a nearby suburb. It’s closer to daycare, close to our parents, and the most affordable way to obtain some more space (unexpected baby coming this fall).

There are a lot of things that we’ll miss about living  in the Mac Groveland neighborhood of St. Paul – most of all, our neighbors are really kind people.

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Recent Favorites: Make-up, Clothes, Food.

Whenever we have a cold February week like this, I think of something my old high school math teacher said. We had returned to class after a cold weekend and he said he spent the weekend cold, hungry and having to pee.

I have no idea why he said that to us, but I remember we paused and kind of nodded like, yeah, that is actually how you feel.

As you can imagine, life working full-time and caring for a soon to be one-year-old can be overwhelming in both good and challenging ways. Sometimes each day feels like running a marathon. Here are some recent favorites in many categories:

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Trying Origins Meal Delivery

This post is not sponsored or solicited. We paid for our own meals. 

I love cooking and I often miss it, but working full-time and having a baby leaves us with limited time.

Especially during the work week – we want to spend time with the baby before bed and prep for the next day. I’m fine saving any cooking for the weekend.

We decided to try some meal delivery services. The first one I found was Origins Meals. Their focus is scratch-made, healthy, gluten-free meals that you can order in different quantities. They also claim to source grass-fed beef, free range turkey and antibiotic free chicken and wild caught salmon (didn’t see any fish options during the weeks we ordered).

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