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It’s been a month of things and transitions.

We survived baby’s first respiratory thing.  “First baby, first cough!” I kept saying each time I called the nurse line.

Thanksgiving. First snow. Christmas shopping.

I start a new job this week. I’ve been composing a Taylor Swift breakup album, but for your previous employer album in my head for the past two weeks.

A little nerve-wracking, but also exciting and hopeful. I’m ready!

Every Friday night we order delivery.

Even our dog knows the ritual. After we huddle around the computer and place our order, he waits at the top of the stairs until the delivery person arrives.

The other weekend we tried a new pizza. Usually we shuffle between Broder’s and Davanni’s, sometimes Green Mill (they have the best boneless chicken wings – more like big, crispy pieces of fried chicken breast in sauce with good, chunky homemade blue cheese). Someday hopefully the Highland Punch will re-open.

We tried Boludo on a whim. There’s a lot of hype. I’ve heard stories about long lines, big crowds, and long wait times.

It did take a long time for the pizzas to come, but

they  were worth it.

Much larger than we expected. Airy, flavorful, slightly sea-salted crust – perfect. If you make a fruit pizza, I will always order that pizza. This one is topped with soft, sweet slices of pear, gorgonzola, pine nuts and fragrant dill.

The pizzas topped with chorizo and pepperoni were delicious, but the pear pizza’s my jam.

The salad with airy, possibly dehydrated raspberries? Delightful.

Would absolutely return to Boludo for more pizza, definitely some empanadas, perhaps some churros or flan.

Not overrated.

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  1. Katie

    I am so excited for you and your job change! Change is hard especially with having a little one change is basically happening every darn day. I’ve only had Boludo once, but definitely need to do it again.

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