My journey to recreate all eleven recipes I found my grandmothers had submitted to their old church cookbooks has introduced us to Ship Wreck Casserole, Apricot jello “salad,” and cauliflower slaw.

This cauliflower slaw is mayo-laden, but intriguing with its use of caraway seeds and endive.


I found the Good Seasonings salad dressing packets right next to the ranch. Either the company doesn’t seem to produce the Garlic, Herb & Cheese variety anymore or Target does not carry it. Therefore, I chose the Garlic and Herb version and added some grated parmesan cheese. Good enough, I suppose.

Two other adjustments I made included adding one teaspoon less of caraway seeds (because they just aren’t my favorite flavor) and reducing the cup o’ mayo to 1/3. When I saw the recipe called for one cup of sour cream and one whole cup of mayo, I tried to measure out the cup of mayo, but my hands just wouldn’t let me.

This was fine, though, because it created too much dressing.

The big question is how did it taste?

The salad was crunchy and delicious. I like liked all of these vegetables and apparently, I like Good Seasonings flavor, which, true to its name, has a pungent garlic flavor and scent. I was also surprised to find the caraway seeds lent a pleasant flavor.

Even Jake ate a serving, but commented it was overly rich. I’d have to agree.

To cut the richness and viscosity, I added red wine vinegar which helped.

Concluding Thought
I am fonder of this recipe than the previous two, though it isn’t particularly healthy. I could see myself making this again, but with adjustments to make the dressing lighter.

Cauliflower Edited

I have a weakness for rich, cheesy, creamy dressings, but even this was too much. You could easily make less dressing, add your favorite type of vinegar, adjust the ratios of sour cream and mayo, or substitute greek yogurt. Those who are opposed to utilizing seasoning packets could add their own coleslaw dressing or mix of garlic, herbs, and spices.

There are five recipes from Grandmother Jane that I still have left to try including her Old Southern Fruit Cake, Chicken Marengo, Salad With Cashew Nuts, Pilaf, and Crab Meat Casserole. I’m happy to say all except the Crab Meat Casserole are mayo-less! Stay tuned.