LOL: An Experiment In Laughter


We often use this expression, but how often do we really mean it? This week I embarked on an experiment in laughter.

What would happen if I tracked the first things that made me laugh out loud each day for a week? And I don’t mean snort, sniff or smile. I mean catching myself in the act of throwing my head back and laughing out loud.

Last Week’s Laugh Log:

Saturday, January 4th:

Overhearing my husband Jake singing a song about a panda. 

Jake reminds me of the character Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. In the episode Spoiler Alert, we learn that Marshall sings little diddies based upon whatever he happens to be doing. He sings about his Internet passwords, doing the laundry, or making a sandwich. Anything’s fair game for a song and they’re all catchy. Jake’s the same way. 

Later, I found myself cracking up after reading a tweet from a Des Moines chef and restaurateur encouraging those not on a New Years diet to try his newest creation. It ended with, “You’ll get fat just reading this!” I have no idea why this made me laugh. I think it was just so random. 

Sunday, January 5th:

The dog hurls himself on the couch like this after watching me eat breakfast.


Later, he plays with a toy I made him by stuffing a yogurt container into an old sock.

Monday, January 6th
Dog barks every time Jake says, “You must collect.” It’s a phrase he repeated in a silly voice early one morning as he encouraged me to help him look for spare change for soda. We laughed wondering what on earth the dog think this means?

Tuesday January 7

Trayse shakes his new rope toy. He’s stir crazy in this sub-zero weather. Trying anything to keep him busy indoors. 

Wednesday January 8th

I attend the Mason City Social Media Breakfast. Can’t remember exactly what makes me laugh, but these gatherings are always a lot of fun and everyone has a sense of humor. I laugh out loud many times. 

Thursday January 9th: 

Intense and busy day. In the afternoon I watch the previous night’s episode of Top Chef on the exercise bike. The challenge divides the remaining chefs into two teams. The French team is led by Chef Dominique Crenn and the other by Spanish Chef Julian Serrano. 

Crenn pushes for modern cuisine like fried corn silk bird nests and plates of cornish game hen garnished with chocolate sauce and a chocolate twig. Chef Serrano incredulously reacts to this dish by repeating, “You LIKE that? You LIKE that?” to the French chef.

Then, Chef Jacques Pepin asks, “Would you sit down, serve that to your mother and say, ‘This is really good!?'” These reactions are so dramatic that they finally make me laugh out loud. 

Later, I’m in the car running errands. I flip to the local Top 40’s pop music station in time to hear the DJ in the midst of reciting a serious prayer that ends in “change me and save me from self-destruction.” He follows this with a chipper, “Have an awesome day!” and cuts to Pink’s song “Raise Your Glass.” 

Again, so random.

Friday, January 10th:
I realize one should take their dog to a vet if it scoots around on its behind too often, but I don’t worry if this happens occasionally. I catch the dog scooting around in a complete circle.

Take Aways
This experiment helped me focus on searching for the ever day joys in life. There wasn’t a single day that I didn’t find myself genuinely laughing out loud, even if it took longer on some days than others.

Appreciating The Company That I Keep.

My tiny family unit will probably be the first thing that makes me laugh each day.

I am also guaranteed to laugh when I interact with other people. No surprise here, only an affirmation to keep pushing myself outside of my introvert box and spend time with those who have a sense of humor.

Dog Ownership has introduced new variables to our lives. It’s expensive and definitely inconvenient. Dogs mean picking up poops and occasional nights of interrupted sleep. Some days, I don’t want to walk Trayse and he can make it more difficult to get out the door. Despite these inconveniences, I learned my dog makes me laugh every single day, multiple times. He brings a lot of joy into our lives

Randomness RulesI found myself laughing at random things such as peoples’ unexpected outbursts and tweets that had nothing to do with any other tweet in my feed. Really, anything that doesn’t seem to fit its context. Variety really is the spice of life and apparently, I find it hilarious.

Finally, I learned that I laughed later in the day and less often when I was tired. 


  1. Great idea for a post! I love it. I can tell you what makes me LOL the most is my husband. EVERY single day. He sings, too. Hmmmm. Maybe he and Jake can share a duet. “You must collect” cracked me up.

  2. Great experiment. It is great how many “little things” make us laugh. My children make me laugh every day and my husband knows how to make me laugh when I need a good laugh.

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