Miss China and Jake hit the fair. 

Mouth Trap Cheesecurds
For $5, we enjoyed the curds from Mouth Trap located in the Food Building.  Freshly fried, molten hot, salty, & greasy.

Roasted Sweet Corn on the Cob

No wonder this stand makes the most money at the state fair.  Each ear costs $3.  However, it was roasty toasty, the kernels were plump and juicy, and covered in what tasted like real melted butter.  Jake added copious amounts of salt and pepper.

Minneapple Pie

At the state fair I realized the strength of my aversion to sweets.  I had heard positive feedback regarding this deep fried apple pie so Jake and I split one accompanied by vanilla ice cream.  The pie was greaseless.  Its crust was light, fluffy, crispy, and had an amazing flavor.  The apple pie filling tasted of cinnamon and the apples were not mushy.  However, I found the filling a little gummy and wished it had some acidity or brightness but overall, this pie was one of my favorite items.

Blue Moon Diner Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Caramel-Bacon Sauce

Jake was dead-set on finding this sweet corn ice cream.  The sweet corn flavor of the ice cream was subtle and not overpowering.  The caramel-bacon sauce tasted well-balanced.  I did not taste the bacon flavor but appreciated the sauce was cloyingly sweet.  I found texture of the ice cream to be kind of grainy and thought the crunchy dried corn to be hard on the teeth.  Jake liked the ice cream and fried apple pie equally, while I preferred the pie.


San Felipe Carnitas Asian Taco

This taco was made of a raw flour tortilla and contained moist and well-seasoned pork, shredded cabbage, some kind of salsa-cucumber salsa, and two sauces.  One tasted like teriyaki and the other tasted like creamy wasabi.  For $6, I felt this taco was way overpriced.  In general, it was pretty tasty but was left a “meh” sentiment.  I liked the wasabi sauce but felt the taco was a lame attempt to be Asian.  So says Miss China.

I’d rather eat poo

That’s right, I said it.  Poo.  As we headed for the fair’s exit, we noticed a stand advertising $1 shrimp cocktail near the haunted house.  I happened to have one remaining dollar and the thought of ordering a $1 shrimp cocktail, at a fair, from a nondescript food cart offering food items not related to said shrimp cocktail, in the sweltering heat and high humidity sounded too tempting to pass.

When I ordered the shrimp cocktail, the vendors warily exchanged glances, pulled out a small black cup filled with tiny shrimp and covered them in cocktail sauce from a giant pump.

The shrimp were mostly cold and displayed lovely digestive tracts.  The cocktail sauce was incredibly bland and ketchupy.  On first bite, we said “Wow, this isn’t as bad as we thought.”  A couple seconds later, my mouth was filled with a horrible shrimpy taste.  I let out a noise that sounded something like “Wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh.”  Then, I ran to the nearest garbage can to dispose of the shrimp cocktail and shoveled a pronto pup into my mouth to get rid of the fishy flavor.

Washington State Sweet Dream Peach

Jake literally ran to the Midtown Global Market Produce Exchange, bought two beautiful, ripe peaches for $5, and we greedily shoved them into our mouths as sweet relief.

The end. Until next year.

Not pictured: Corn dog, $3, two craft beers from Ballpark Cafe, $4 each