I’ve been relatively quiet about my opinions regarding this winter’s weather simply because I would only be adding to the noise.

This week we started running our sink to prevent our pipes from freezing, I tried to walk my dog today and we both went numb halfway down the cul-de-sac, I drove home in a blizzard on a rural two-lane highway on Thursday night, and I just can’t hold it in any longer. . .

I hate this winter!

Fortunately, I learned about this month’s Mug O’ Comfort swap from my Iowan blogger friends Beth at It’s Just Life and Sincerely Jenni. Participants are matched up with another blogger and they both exchange mugs and supplies to make other person’s favorite hot beverage like tea, coffee, or cider.

I found myself yelling terrible things at winter and joined the swap as a proactive effort in participating in something cheerful.

This is our first time participating and we’ll look forward to sharing what kinds of mugs and treats we give and receive. The sign-ups for March close at the end of today, so if you are interested in joining, visit The Chaotic Goddesses sign-up page quickly.