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This Is Sort Of One Of Those End-Of-Year Posts: Highlights, Lowlights, Current State

Confession: I hate gift guides but I enjoy reading everyone’s “Best and Worst” end-of-year recaps.

Usually I publish something along the lines of “The 10 best foods I ate this year” type of thing. This year I’m writing something a little different.

One year ago, I was wrapping up a temp job I began soon after we moved back to the Twin Cities from St. Louis, MO. The data entry assignment at an ill-fitting desk wreaked havoc on my body.  The problem was that I was too efficient and so they kept extending my end date. I was in constant pain day and night. In December, I got pushy about requested an assignment that aligned more with my career interests.

The next gig led to a permanent job and this fall I finally got hired as an employee. I’m grateful for this job opportunity and for every day that my body feels normal enough that I don’t even think about it.

Each morning, I hop on the bus at 6:45 a.m. that heads to downtown Minneapolis. I love looking out the windows at all of the glittering buildings and bridges as we cross the Mississippi river.

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I just wanted a burger.

This past week has been so busy that I could hardly breathe.

Do you ever have one of those days where you are working on something so frantically that you forget to eat, drink water, and go to the bathroom?  If Jeni forgets to eat, you know there’s trouble.

As a result, I sat through my morning class bleary eyed, attempting to convince everyone I was tracking.  Which was no easy feat during role plays.  By that point, I started to feel hunger pangs and literally daydreamed about cheeseburgers for three and a half hours.  (In college, I tried to show off by giving up meat for Lent while on a service trip to Savannah, GA.  Two weeks into Lent and two days into the service trip, I gave up because I found myself fantasizing about meat all of the time.  I never attempted Lent again.)

As I rushed to my next destination, I stopped by Andy’s Garage in Midtown Global Market for the first time, hoping to end to my relentless burger craving.

At the counter, I ordered a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato, $6.25, and fries, $1.25.  I just noticed on my receipt that I was charged for the soda I turned down, for an extra $1.50.  A good reminder to double check my receipts.  The service was friendly and my order was ready in about 10 minutes.

The fries tasted freshly cut, freshly fried, and nicely salted.  They were glistening with oil and hot with steam.  They weren’t the crispiest fries, but I enjoy eating fries that are a little soggy.  I also liked that the insides of the fries were creamy instead of mealy.

The burger was bliss and the meat patty was rather large and moist.  Either the griddle the burger was cooked on was well-seasoned, or Andy’s used a pleasant seasoning salt because I tasted garlic and/or onion.  The lettuce was crisp, the tomato was juicy instead of under-ripe, the bun was soft and didn’t crumble, and the american cheese slice was wonderfully congealed.  I also appreciated the three slices of juicy dill pickle.

This may sound strange, but I was thrilled that the burger held together cleanly when I picked it up and ate it in my car.  The sandwich was moist and flavorful without disintegrating into a drippy, greasy mess.  Very well structured.

The rest of this week will be filled with school work.  During busy weeks, I go into cheese quesadilla/salad/scrambled egg-mode.  As soon as I catch up, I would like to use and blog about some gift certificates I won to obscure strip-mall type of joints in the south metro-ish area, medicinal salve-making, herbs I use every day that probably grow in your backyard (like yarrow and plantain), and celebrating my friend’s birthday at Wise Acre Eatery.

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