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10 Things I Love About Nachomama’s

The film 10 Things I Hate About You was my teenage anthem.

I felt angry like Kat, I wanted to dress like Kat, and I even carried around a copy of the Bell Jar for a week. I wanted to be Kat.

If you’ve never seen this movie, there’s this scene where Kat reads Heath Ledger a list of ten things she “hates” about him. She ends the list by saying she hates that she really doesn’t hate him at all. Since I wanted to be just like Kat, I thought I’d be really clever by sending this one guy I was  a similar 10 Things I Hate About You list. In hindsight, it’s all very cringe-worthy. Whenever I see that Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s ex-girlfriend writes him a gut-wrenching love letter which turns out to be copied from a Neil Simon play, I die a little bit inside.

Anyway, there’s this place in the Rock Hills area of St. Louis called Nachomama’s. The building appears to have been a fast food joint in past lives. You might drive right by, except for the fact that it’s always crowded. My friends took me here one day and I liked it so much I was already planning my second visit by the end of my first meal. It’s one of the first places that pops-up in my mind when I’m considering take-out.

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100 Degrees & A St. Louis Smoothie Quest

It’s really hot here.

Like, 100° + and high humidity hot. Walking outside, breathing outside, sitting outside, it all hurts.

Of course my dog still wants to sunbathe.

The heat makes me feel hostile so I try to make jokes about it so that I don’t cry. When it’s 98°, I blast 98 Degrees from my car stereo. It’s really not that funny, but when I’m sitting in a molten hot car, there’s nothing funnier. I think the heat’s making me delirious.

Some days the weather is both hot and breezy. But instead of having a cooling effect, the wind makes you feel like you’re baking in a convection oven. Smoothies were never something that I craved. Now I think about them all of the time. They’re so cool and refreshing and not 100 degrees.

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Fried Chicken In A Haunted House: The Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion is supposedly one of the most haunted places in America.

You may have seen Zak yelling at ghosts at the Lemp Mansion on Ghost Adventures and you might have seen it rank on lists like HGTV’s “America’s Scariest Homes.

According to the Lemp Mansion’s official website, it was built in the early 1860’s and functioned as the Lemp family’s home and brewery office. The family built a brewing empire that declined with when the Prohibition hit. In 1922, their brewery that used to be valued at 7 million sold for half a million.

You’ll find the Lemp family’s history includes much sorrow, unexpected death, and four suicides (three taking place in the mansion). The mansion is big, old, and beautiful, and tragedy occurred within its walls. I suppose this is why they say it’s haunted.

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The Best Cream Cheese Wontons & Dinner At Chef Ma’s

Things that weren’t, but really should have been included in our pre-marital PREPARE Inventory assessment:

  • The speed at which one prefers to watch Netflix series.
  • One’s preferred thermostat settings in both the summer and winter.
  • How to divide up leftovers.

Sure, we argue about money and chores from time to time, but our biggest most heated fights have been about cream cheese wontons.

Cream cheese wontons are my favorite food in the entire world. They always were. And when we order them, I will count them and squirrel away exactly half so that I can enjoy the leftovers at my own leisure. Jake has this theory. Instead of splitting meals in half, he should get to eat 2/3 because he’s larger. Basically, he’s wrong.

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A Little Post About Taste Bar

This is a tiny post about a tiny bar where the classic cocktails are listed chronologically. My friend @ArsonistKitten told me so, but I found the idea so fantastical that I almost didn’t believe her.

They are. From the Mint Julep c. 1790 to the Cosmopolitan c. 1985. After going through a stretch where I felt jaded by expensive, unbalanced signature cocktails, I typically stick to Manhattans or whiskey. They never let me down.

I asked the bartender if he could recommend a drink based upon my affinity for Manhattans. He suggested the de la Louisiane made with bourbon, Benedictine, punt e mas, Peychaud’s bitters & absinthe. It was perfect and he was right.

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