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Merry 25 Days of Ramen (not really)

I would review more frozen celebrity chef meals, but the last Guy Fieri series broke me.

As an avid YouTube connoisseur, I love when creators do holiday series where they post a lot. Some call it Vlogmas or Glo-mas, or some type of other clever name, where they post all 25 days of Christmas during December.

Realistically, I won’t have the time or energy to post every day, but I will try to post more.

How about a good old fashioned instant ramen review?

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Frozen Food Reviews: Summer Edition

So, some of this stuff isn’t frozen, but it’s just easier to call it that.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the prices on most of these items. Costco trips are a blur since we take the two kids. They always end up with us sharing a hot dog and slice of pizza in the food court until the baby has a melt-down.

This summer has gone by fast. Work has had some unexpected twists and turns – and then the weekends are busy with trying to entertain the kids at parks or family parties. We’re really looking forward to the state fair.

This might be the first year in seven that I can actually celebrate Halloween! I’ve either had a job that was involved in Open Enrollment on Halloween – last year, I had just given birth to Artie. As always, I’m planning to get an early start on celebrating fall.

Such is life taking care of two tiny ones, some weeks we’re thriving, other weeks we’re surviving.

Here’s a run down of frozen/refrigerated foods we’ve tried from Costco + Fresh Thyme. Plus a few bonus favs at the end.

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AYO West African Frozen Meals: Taste Test

AYO Frozen Meals caught my eye at Target. I have never seen West African food in the frozen food section of the grocery store before and was excited to try them.

I recognized Top Chef finalist’s Eric Adjepong’s face on one of the boxes.

Fred and Perteet Spencer started the AYO Foods brand in Chicago. Naomi Waxman’s Eater profile from June 2022 shares their story. You can find them at the following stores listed on this page (Whole Foods and Target in the Twin Cities). In this article, Pertit Spencer mentions that her father’s stews could take six hours to cook. Part of their goal was to make their favorite meals more readily available in minutes.

At our local Target, they cost around $5.60 each. Today, I found them on sale at Target for 2/$9.

We tried the four meals available at our Target: Jollof Rice with Chicken, Groundnut Stew with Chicken,  Waakye Beans and Rice, and Chicken Yassa. 

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I’m So Sorry Benihana: Frozen Entree Review

I wanted to love these. I really did.

I love Benihana without a shred of irony or sarcasm. I love Benihana with the enthusiasm of a Disney adult.

From the progressive ritual of the salty, onion broth soup with the thinnest slivers of mushrooms imaginable to the crisp iceberg lettuce salad with carrot-ginger dressing to the sautéed zucchini planks, flaming onion volcano, and great pouring of the dipping sauces.

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Winter 2022 Costco Frozen Food Reviews

With an infant and toddler, leaving the house isn’t . . .fun.  The hardest part is just leaving the house.

We did manage to make a quick trip to Costco with the kids in tow. The baby slept the entire time and we entertained the toddler with samples.

This time we felt weak and bought the frozen doodads that tempted us before. Here are our thoughts:

Chicken Ramen Bowls
Around $16 for six

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