Video production has always intimidated me.

I barely passed video production class in college, over-relying on the help of my talented friends. On our final class project, I was assigned to edit the class news production project and goofed up with the timing. I’ve always felt embarrassed about this and avoided video until recently.

I’m proud to say I’m revisiting videos in the form of simple iPhone videos and am having a lot of fun.

In my first edited video, I review the Chef’n Vibe Onion Peeler. My friend Beth of It’s Just Life gave it to me for Christmas as a gag gift. She knows I’m skeptical about expensive, single-use kitchen tools and it was sitting on the clearance shelf at Target. Having never seen this tool, I tested it on an onion following the printed instructions and compared it to peeling an onion with a knife.

This short video is about 2.5 minutes long and with oooo’s like mine, there’s no mistaking me for anything but a Minnesotan.

Jeni Eats Reviews an Onion Peeler Tool from Jeni Flaa on Vimeo.

After posting my video, I found another review of this same tool produced by Sur la Table. Of course, they do sell it for $5.95. . .

Either way, I still think peeling an onion with a knife is most efficient. What do you think?