I’ve had all summer to think about this.

My favorite farmers breakfast is from the big Minneapolis Farmers Market on Lyndale.

It consists of two things:

  • Iced Vietnamese coffee with boba pearls from Rainbow Chinese ($5).  If you are lucky enough, the owner may mix it up for you. It’s so flipping good I long for it all week.
  • Spring rolls and/or egg rolls. There are no bad egg rolls at the MPLS farmers market. Rainbow sells big ones. GreenHearts (also listed as Vang Express) sells long, thin egg rolls and huge spring rolls. Their spring rolls are nearly twice as large as everyone else’s and cost only $3. They’re packed with shredded veggies. Sometimes you can choose from different meats or vegetarian ones. Last time they included some sliced chicken breast.  Another vendor down the stall from Rainbow (I think it’s called Deelish) also sells egg rolls and spring rolls + coconut curry.

Another good breakfast from the Minneapolis Farmers Market – Tasty Gyros.

Who doesn’t wake up immediately wanting to scarf a gyro or falafel sandwich?

The State Fair may be over but you can eat delicious things at the farmers market on weekend mornings. Here, the gyro spits have been spinning by the time you may arrive here at 8 a.m.

Falafel sandwiches cost $8. Freshly fried falafel are tucked into a pita and dressed with your choice of toppings. I asked for a little bit of everything which included both cucumber sauce and hummus, lettuce, tomato and delightful pickles.

Vegetarian Foods Northeast Farmers Market

The Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market is a lovely place to go if you want vegetarian breakfast. There seems to be at least a few options.

Earlier this summer I was thrilled to try Reverie Mobile Kitchen. They serve vegan food. The breakfast hash I ordered was so delicious and flavorful, it blew my conceived notions about vegan food away. I cook mostly vegetarian food at home, but use plenty of cheese and butter. . . I have mad respect for those who create magic without animal products.

Reverie wasn’t here on Saturday but Roots to Rise was – they also serve vegan food. I didn’t order anything this time but thought the food and beverage presentations looked beautiful.

Molly’s Spring Rolls make spring rolls fresh to order. She serves two for $5. The rice paper wrapper is chewy and silky and the veggies are fresh. Ours were filled with crunchy julienned carrot, romaine lettuce leaves, cucumber, and generous avocado. Sweet chili sauce is provided for dipping. Spring rolls are Jake’s favorite so I always bring home extra.

Krishna’s Delight is one of my favorite food vendors I’ve typically seen at the Midtown Farmers Market. I really like her eggplant and paneer curry. I’ve also enjoyed pea and paneer curry and vegetarian dumplings. Everything is good.

The owner is very kind and offers samples. She serves generous portion sizes for $7. At the Midtown market, she also serves samosas and fried appetizers with chutneys, too.

Anyway, I’m writing about farmers breakfasts again so you have time to go enjoy them before the fall is over!