The Magic Of Sea Salt Eatery

I would have stood in line outside for two hours two weekends ago at Sea Salt.

The Twin Cities were in full celebration mode, for it was our first, completely sunny, 60 degree+ weekend since last fall.

We’ve been frozen for six months.

“Bold North! Bold North!” we boasted for the Super Bowl. The weather gods laughed and taunted us with our own frosty words.

One weekend, a blizzard dropping 14 inches of snow fell on our heads trapping us in our houses. And then somehow, by the next, it had all melted away.

Sea Salt is notorious for almost always being busy. Whenever the weather is bad, people will joke about how it’s a good time to visit Sea Salt because the line will be short.

Go here on a nice day when you’re not in a hurry.  Enjoy Minnehaha Falls park, the people-watching. and all of the dogs. Freshwater is interwoven into the Twin Cities metro landscape. We take our park concession stands very seriously. You’re not going to find barebones hotdog and chip stands. You’re going to find places like Sea Salt.

If you have a dining companion, split up; One of you should hold your spot in the food ordering line while the other grabs beverages in the shorter drink line. Sea Salt offers beer and wine, plus NA beverages like tea, soda, lemonade and kombucha on tap. Eat on the patio, inside the restaurant area, or in the shaded pavilion.

Seafood reigns here. Of course it’s not local, but much is sourced from Coastal Seafoods who flies fresh seafood to our landlocked state.

It had been years since we visited Sea Salt. We loved our recent meal so much I wanted to share why:

  • The clam chowder is really good. There is no shortage of clams and bacon pieces and the flavor is rich with a real butter/cream sheen. Jake loved it so much he wants to just order two bowls next time.
  • There’s a long shelf of hot sauces running along the kitchen. You’ll find the old familiars and local brands, too. Grab a bottle or two for your table.

  • The calamari basket is overflowing; I’ve never found a fresher and more generous portion. The calamari costs about $11 which is the average of non-happy hour costs, here (at least). Remember we are about as far away from the ocean as you can get. Calamari appetizers are usually tiny. If you encounter a portion that’s larger, the calamari is either bad or an illusion. By illusion, I mean the calamari is propped up on shredded cabbage or lettuce. Not here, though. The calamari is delicious and just that generous. Enjoy the remoulade sauce and lemon wedge.  
  • Scallop taco feast: I remember eating a grilled fish taco in the past and not feeling super excited about it. I love the scallop tacos. This dish has got to be one of the greatest <$10 feasts in the Twin Cities. Double layered tortillas are loaded with fried bay scallops. I expected to find a few in each taco but instead there were more like seven. They were overflowing. Scallops are especially a delicacy in the upper Midwest; entrees usually include three large scallops and sometimes I’ve someone cut them in half. Bay scallops also come in paltry serving sizes. These scallops taste sweet and fresh.

This summer is young. There’s plenty of time to pass more lazy, happy afternoons here.

Sea Salt Eatery
4825 Minnehaha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55417
(612) 721-8990


  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    What a lovely place to visit. Your reviews always make me hungry. I am enjoying lots of fresh seafood here in SC this week and it has been lovely. So wonderful that Sea Salt Eatery has such great seafood for you land locked residents. Enjoy it often!

    • Jeni

      You are lucky to be so close to the source.

  2. katie

    I went tonight and loved the crab cake sandwich, definitely getting the calamari appetizer and scallop tacos next time!

    • Jeni

      Never tried the crab cakes there. Recommend?

  3. Frank Haataja

    One of these days. One of these days I’ll get there.

  4. Josh

    How awesome! It’s cool you have a legit fried seafood joint so far away from the ocean. I once walked two hours through a ghetto in South Central LA to go to a fried seafood joint/market that reminds me of this, only connected to a market.

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