Dollar Slices and Fancy Cocktails: NYC Part I

Thank you to my folks for generously sending us to NYC for my birthday! 

Our trip to New York City ended in a high-speed car chase.

The taxi driver wove around cars at every intersection, accelerating suddenly from 5 mph to 50. Things got funkier on the freeway. For he was engaged in a high-speed chase with himself.

I stared straight ahead and concentrated every cell in not barfing. Jake looked as green as a human being could possible look.

We stumbled out of the vehicle, dazed. I dropped my purse to the ground at the airport and screamed, “THIS IS WHY PEOPLE USE RIDE SHARING APPS!” He was too disoriented to respond. If I ever need  getaway driver I know who to call. This guy is good.

Our taxi ride to the airport was the polar opposite. Not only did we not feel like we were in a high-speed car chase, but we leisurely chatted. When we asked our driver about his favorite place to eat pizza, he mentioned dollar slice places. “Most of them are actually pretty good,” he added.

He was right.

At least the one we tried was good. The others had long lines. Not only did the slice taste “good,” it tasted better than 90% of the pizza we’ve ever tried. A big triangle with a good slick of milk fat oil and a thin, slightly sweet crust with bounce and chew. It tasted better than the $20 pie we tried later at John’s in Times Square.

We followed the dollar slices with fancy cocktails at The Wayfarer. Here, the $15 cocktails were actually worth it. The bartender paid no mind to our casual, “walking-about all hot and sweaty” street clothes and carefully mixed our cocktails with housemade syrups.

The Wolverine is a stunner; “Milagro Silver Tequila, Blood Orange, Cinnamon, Malbec Float.” There are terrible $15-17 cocktails in NYC and then there are gems like this.

Wandering around, ducking in and out of restaurants for dollar slices and cocktails is not a bad way to explore Manhattan. 


  1. Feisty Eats

    Wow! That’s an awesome & memorable birthday.

  2. Val - Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids

    I’m laughing along thinking of your taxi cab ride! I visited NYC once and actually always took the subway so I never got to experience that. I did get to experience some good $1 slices of NYC pizza though. I can just taste it now. And who would ever thing one “slice” would be so filling! I still can’t get over the size of their pizza slices. Your cocktails sound amazing too.

    • Jeni

      Oh yum! Yes, they are no joke.

  3. Lisa

    That sounds like the way to go! The perfect way to balance out the budget, too. Why spend more on pizza when you don’t have to?

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

  4. Katy

    There is definitely nothing like NY pizza! I had the best slice there once with broccoli and chicken on it! I’ve never found anything like it since! And I’m with Val…I’m all about the Subway in NYC! Fun adventures none-the-less!

    • Jeni

      That sounds like a good combo! It’s crazy how good their pizza is.

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