10 Things I’d Rather Drink Than Eggnog

Here are ten things I’d rather drink than a glass of holiday eggnog:

  1. Not Your Father’s Root Beer. I hate Not Your Father’s Root Beer.
  2. A green smoothie.
  3. Three-day old coffee.
  4. Grape cough syrup.
  5. Liquefied White Castle burgers.
  6. Florida tap water.
  7. The liquid that collects on the bottom of the trashcan when your trash bag rips.
  8. Lye solution that hydrates lutefisk.
  9. The water in my dog’s water bowl that’s still sitting there when we come home from vacation.
  10. Beezlebub’s angry tears.


  1. As someone who uses lye almost daily I realize it has uses in food but I MUST forget about it in soft prezels and bagels to eat them. So, can you please excuse the lye for those?

    As for lutefisk… UGH. Never understood the stuff.

    Florida tap water? My Floridian friends don’t even drink the stuff. 🙂

    • Still haven’t tried lutefisk. I couldn’t find any lutefisk dinners here in STL. And good point about lye-forgot it’s used to make soap.

  2. hahahaha – I’ve had FL tap water! I hate egg nog too and everything else on your list 😉

  3. Great list. I would add week old iced tea— just icky.

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