Introducing Mugshot Mondays: A RocDonald’s Blast From 1993

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For almost four years, I’ve steered clear of themed blog post days.

Motivation Monday, Tasty/Travel Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Friday Favorites. . . There have been times I’ve considered hitting publish on Tasty Friday and Wordless Tuesday and then sitting back and watching the world burn.

I’m choosing Mugshot Mondays (hat tip to my friend Beth’s Teapot Tuesdays). Jake and I love drinking vessels. We’re beverage enthusiasts who start each day with a hot cup of coffee. No matter how early our day begins, we leave enough time to enjoy a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

We also enjoy drinking tea and so it seems natural to feed our fascination with unique mugs. Each Monday, I’ll show off an old favorite or new thrift store find. I’ll explain where I found the mug and share what I learn about its historical and regional highlights. Mugs are like cats. We don’t choose them, they choose us;)

Today I’m featuring a glass mug I found at Affordables Thrift Store in Mason City. Affordables’ sales support a training program for adults with disabilities. These adults can earn a certification from North Iowa Community College by learning the different areas of the business from preparing donations for sale and managing the cash register.

This item is one of four RocDonald’s mugs McDonald’s sold in 1994 to promote The Flintstones film.


The video below features a commercial for the mugs. I remember seeing the movie in the theater, but I don’t remember the advertisements. We never owned any RocDonald’s mugs.

You can just make out the Flintstone’s text and RocDonald’s graphic.


The bottom of the mug says it was produced in France with the McDonald’s Corp. copyright in 1993. I found more RocDonald’s mugs on sale online for $3 plus shipping and up.


Do you have any thoughts on Mugshot Monday? I’d love to hear them.

Next on deck: 


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  1. Beth Ann Chiles

    Thanks for the hat tip.

    • Jeni


  2. Joy

    Love that you took the plunge! I resisted the themed days for a long time and gave in one day when I felt it had been too long between blogs and I needed to do something! I love the Mugshot Mondays-we are a HUGE coffee/tea family and have an enormous amount of mugs around here. We can’t stop buying and collecting them either! Love the one you posted today!

    • Jeni

      Thank you Joy! It took a long time, but I’m going to have a lot of fun with this one. I bet you have some amazing mugs.

  3. Katy

    I LOVE this! I also love the mug! I never had one of these, but I did have the Disney anniversary glasses that they produced! I can’t wait to see the awesome mugs you share with us!

  4. Mary

    I love this! I am slightly obsessed with mugs (also an avid coffee and tea drinker) and am on a silent mission to build an army of interesting mugs in my cupboard (I hate when they are all the same!) I will be on the look out at the thrift stores for you!! I do have 2 favorite mugs that I own and both were gifts, made personally for me with inside jokes on them. They make me smile everytime I use them. 🙂

    • Jeni

      I’m thrilled to find another friend obsessed with mugs! I love how mugs can bring back so many good memories.

  5. Jennifer Schmitt

    I love the idea of finding throwback type mugs at thrift shops-how fun!

  6. Donna Hup

    This is such a cool idea!

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