Wordless Wednesday: My Connection With Seattle & A Cooking Class

I felt connected with Seattle, WA during my senior year of college when a group of us spent a week volunteering with Rosehedge/Multifaith Works), a nonprofit who provided support and housing to individuals with life-threatening illnesses. Unfortunately, it seems they are in the process of closing after 25 years. 
The staff graciously hosted us and we’ll never forget our experiences. 
I have since returned to Seattle many times to visit good friends. This photo depicts the pho and Banh Xeo crepes we made in Pranee’s day-long cooking class in 2009. After we visited an Asian Market, we prepared a four-course Vietnamese meal from scratch. 


  1. Prue Cowley

    Yum! I love pho. What a cool experience to learn how to make your own.

  2. Katie Olthoff

    Jeni! You won the CD! Send me your address and I’ll mail it today!

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