I met Jonny Lang in Mason City, IA.

In 2003, my friends and I drove from Wartburg College to Northern Iowa Community College (NIACC) to see him play.

It turned out to be a strange night. We were surprised to see the auditorium half full, something that would have never happened in Minneapolis where his career gained a lot of momentum.

After the concert, we wandered out the wrong door that opened to where his trailer was parked. Out came Jonny and his band. They posed for photos with us taken with our disposable cameras and even gave us a veggie tray from their trailer. Never were carrot and celery sticks more exciting. When Jonny’s wife and dog came out to greet him, the band called it a night. We danced in the rain and drove home with our autographed CD blasted on high. “This is the best night we’ll ever have!” we exclaimed.

“Someday,” I swore, “Even if I get married, I’ll still say this evening was the happiest night of my life.”

I didn’t and it wasn’t.

But it was pretty damn good