This could be end up being the best or the worst month.

I’m trying to just keep calm and carry on.  Hopefully, I will have some breaking news for you soon, but for now, I must surrender myself to patience.

On this midweek eve, I’m drawing from some culinary sunshine enjoyed during this past weekend.  It was all about comfort foods.  And will continue to revolve around comfort foods.  Comfort anything.

It’s a dessert-first type of week.

Nichole’s Fine Pastry, located in downtown Fargo, is my reliable to which I turn to satisfy the occasional, though no-less-fierce sweet tooth.

The pastry case glows with colorful gems that are on par with my favorite Twin Cities bakeries.  And I spent my fair share of time in Rustica and Patisserie 46.

I savored a slice of orange glazed cheese cake, $5, in tiny bites, washing it down with iced tea scented with rhubarb.  Jake nibbled on a pair of petite cannolis, $3.  
That evening, we splurged on our favorite, spicy dishes from Passage to India which still remains our favorite restaurant in Fargo (Mango’s Mexican Grill is a close second).  
Crispy onion pakora, a mixed tandoor platter, bhindi masala, paneer tikka masala, garlic naan, chutneys, raita, and nutty ghee-scented rice.  
A $50 feast with enough leftovers to enjoy several more times throughout the weekend.  
Did I already mention “keep calm and carry on?”