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Ode To Leeann Chin’s Cream Cheese Wontons

Leeann Chin was probably my first favorite restaurant. And Leeann Chin’s cream cheese wontons were one of my first true loves.

Back when I grew up, Leann Chin was a treat. I grew up in the southern suburbs which didn’t offer a large variety of cuisines. Restaurants were typically fast food or sit-down; fast-casual concept hadn’t gained momentum yet. Leeann Chin made it convenient and affordable to grab tasty Chinese food. I could usually talk my folks into visiting a Leeann Chin between their stops for burgers.

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Longfellow Neighborhood: Three Favorite Dining & Drinking Spots

Don’t ever refer to the Lake Street-Marshall Bridge as the Marshall Avenue bridge in the presence of Minneapolis residents.

Jake’s born and raised in St. Paul. He couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

During my young adulthood, I lived in Minneapolis. I loved the lakes and the rose garden and how the streets predictably followed a grid. I never felt lost. Both of us spent most of our time in our respective cities and rarely crossed the river unless absolutely necessary.

Now we’re officially St. Paul residents who live here the Minneapolis-St. Paul border. St. Paul is known for being boring and wanting to stay that way. We find ourselves grumbling about our college student neighbors’ occasional late night bonfires and road construction detours routing too many cars down our quiet city street. It feels like a very St. Paul thing to do.

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2017 Minnesota State Fair: The Year We Did The Classics

I won two MN State Fair tickets participating in a Midwest Travel Bloggers Twitter chat. Thanks Roseville Visitor’s Association!

I uttered the words, “What if this is the year I don’t try any new foods?” And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, they (sort of) came true.

Usually I scour the new Minnesota State Fair food guides and critic reviews from the first day. Then, we make a list and try as many as possible. This year was different. We’re finally back home with more move under our belt. New jobs, new house, new neighborhood. . . I wonder if we were really craving the old reliable. At least we were for this year’s visit.

Our core favorite Minnesota State Fair foods come down to curds, corn, cookies, and corn dogs (or pronto pups).

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Meet Me At These Three St. Paul Restaurants For A Cocktail (and Food)

I swore I’d always remain loyal to Minneapolis. Back when I was a new college grad, I lived in Uptown and rarely crossed the river. Now, I work in Minneapolis and live in St. Paul. I love my Twin Cities. Here are a few places where I recently enjoyed and excellent cocktail (or two) that also serve really good food:

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Our Favorite Finnish Oven Pancake Recipe

No one in my family is Finnish but we grew up eating Finnish Oven Pancakes nearly every week.

My mom got this recipe from my Godmother, with whom she exchanged many other recipes that became family staples.

“I know why my mom made Finnish Oven Pancakes so often,” I thought as I prepared one for the second time this week. They’re easy to make, only require a few ingredients, and taste like a humble feast.

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